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International Conventions Signed by the Netherlands

International Conventions Signed by the Netherlands

The Netherlands has signed several international conventions regarding international movement of people, and the accommodation of foreign nationals within the territory of this country. These conventions offer a detailed legal base on which to deal with migration aspects as well as mutual benefits for Dutch people and for citizens of the countries who have a partnership with the Netherlands.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can explain to you how the international conventions with other countries might influence your status and your rights if you intend to immigrate to the Netherlands. In the following you will find a short overview for the most important agreements or friendship treaties between Netherlands and other states.

Turkish Association Agreement, presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands

This agreement has been signed between Turkey and the countries from the E.U. in view of its eventual integration in the alliance. One of the stated missions of the treaty is to establish closer bonds between the Turkish people and the peoples from the European Economic Community. Some special rules establish advantageous conditions for the Turkish nationals and their families who intend to work or who work already in the Netherlands. With Tukey as one of the main investors in the Netherlands, the treaty is based on the close relationship which was established between the two countries by 400 years of diplomatic ties. 

Dutch-American Friendship Treaty

The DAFT (Dutch-American Friendship Treaty) provides business opportunities for American citizens who intend to invest in the Netherlands by opening a branch in this country. The provisions of the treaty include an issuance of a residence permit for a period of two years. The Dutch state requires that the business investment of an American individual to be of at least 4,500 euros and to be maintained throughout the entire period. The DAFT allows Americans who immigrate to the Netherlands to conduct economic activity without the requirement to learn the Dutch language; this condition applies only in case the person intends to apply for a permanent residence permit or citizenship after 5 years of living in the Netherlands.

Dutch-Japanese Trade Agreement: 

By signing the Dutch-Japanese trade agreement the Netherlands has provided to Japanese self-employed people the possibility to set up a business within its borders. With more than 450 Japanese companies with branches in the Netherlands, the Japanese citizens are also offered simpler conditions for obtaining a Dutch residence permit. The two countries have signed as well a Memorandum of Understanding on science and technology which allows mutual development through joint research.

If you want to find out more about other international treaties signed by the Netherlands feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlandscan help you benfit from the good relationship established between this state and your country of origin.