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Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Netherlands

Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Netherlands

The Netherlands is a destination for migrants from all over the world, because of the quality living standards and democratic tradition of this country. Many highly skilled migrants find in the Netherlands their new home.

Business owners in the Netherlands are encouraged to hire skilled migrants and, for this purpose, they need to become recognized sponsors. In turn, the employee who is hired under a highly-skilled migrant visa in Netherlands must meet a set of criteria for obtaining the needed residence permit that has to do with personal qualifications. It should be noted that, while the employer can also apply for a residence permit on behalf of the immigrant, he or she is also able to take this step. It is also important to keep in mind that foreign nationals from certain countries, will also require a provisional residence permit, which is to be applied for and obtained before the final permit.

Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can give you the essential information on the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) and its requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Netherlands

The situation of highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands

Depending on their formation the highly skilled migrants receive when employed salaries corresponding to their level of qualification. Different regimes apply to the knowledge migrants who have graduated from a Dutch university or to those who make proof of a high qualification recognized in this country, thus making immigration in the Netherlands an attractive option for skilled people. 

Some of the most important conditions upon which the individual applying for the highly-skilled migrant visa in Netherlands and the employee need to agree upon are the following:

  • Employment contract: it is mandatory to have an employment contract with the employer or the research institution; another important condition is for the employer to be a recognized sponsor;
  • Sufficient income: the applicant will earn a wage that has a certain minimum value and is in compliance with the market conditions; this requirement is detailed below by our team of Dutch immigration lawyers.
  • For intra-corporate transfers: an employment contract is accompanied by an appointment decision, a guest agreement or a statement from the foreign employer;
  • For doctors in training: the training institute is assigned by the Medical Specialist Registration Committee or other relevant registration committees in this field and the applicant is to be registered with the BIG-register.
  • Others: the highly-skilled migrant visa in Netherlands can also be issued to scientific researchers; in this case, the employment contract needs to be signed on behalf of the research institution; the job code needs to comply with the University Job Classification system.

In many cases, the highly skilled migrant will need to apply for the recognition of his professional qualifications or foreign diplomas. However, automatic recognition takes place for the following: physicians, general care nurses, obstetricians, dental practitioners, pharmacists, architects, or veterinary surgeons. Our team can give you more details about this is you are interested in applying for the highly-skilled migrant visa in Netherlands.

Professional and highly-skilled migrants who are already living in the country can apply for Dutch citizenship after some time.

Income requirements for the highly skilled migrant

An individual who comes to the country based on the highly-skilled migrant visa Netherlands should also know that there are certain requirements for the monthly income. This should be at least equal to the amount due for the residence permit one applies for.

Below, our Dutch immigration lawyer highlights the main required amounts from a company that acts as the sponsor hiring the highly skilled migrant:

  • 1,653.60 €: the per month income without holiday allowance;
  • 1,785.89 €: the per month amount with holiday allowance;

It should be noted that most residence permits to stay in the country have the same required amounts as the two values listed above, however, these will vary according to the purpose of the stay and, in some cases, the situation of the financier (for those who finance the study and stay of a student).

A particular situation occurs in the case of those who apply for a highly-skilled migrant vis in Netherlands in order to work in remunerated employment in specific arts and cultural occupations. We list some of these below:

  • 4,233 €: the monthly income for an actor as well as for a director;
  • 2,971 €: the value of the monthly income for a singer or another musical artist;
  • 2,118 €: the monthly amount for an artistic project coordinator for a cultural workshop.

Many more types of occupations from the arts and culture field have different other monthly income rates. You can feel free to reach out to our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands for more information about the conditions for this type of skilled work.

More information of the residence permit for skilled migrants in the Netherlands 

Our team of Dutch immigration lawyers lists some of the general conditions for all applicants who are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Netherlands below:

  • have a valid passport or travel document; the child can be included on the parent’s passport;
  • have an antecedents certificate (stating that the applicant has not committed any crimes);
  • undergo a tuberculosis test, only in some cases;

The steps for the application procedure differ according to nationality. For example, a Canadian applicant will not need the extra steps to obtain a provisional residence permit (MVV), however, an Indian applicant who is interested in applying for a highly-skilled migrant visa Netherlands (perhaps to work as a doctor or for another profession) will require this permit. Below, we summarize the steps for an applicant who requires the MVV:

  • application: the recognized sponsor applies for the MVV and the residence permit at the same time;
  • checkup: the Immigration and Naturalization department analyses the application and will require any rectifications if needed;
  • decision: the Department will issue a decision within 90 days; if it is a favorable one, the employer will be informed;
  • collect: the next step is for the immigrant to collect the MVV for the Dutch representation with which the employer filed the application form; the passport must be valid for at least six months on the day that you collect;
  • travel to the country: you can now travel to the Netherlands, and the MVV will be valid for 90 days.

After arrival, the individual who applied for the highly-skilled migrant visa in Netherlands will need to collect his residence permit and register with the municipality as well as take out health insurance. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can provide more information about the legal obligations and any other applications to extend or change the permit.

Highly skilled migrants who practice an independent profession (that is not in the healthcare sector or in certain other prohibited sectors) can apply for a DAFT visa under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. This will allow them to remain in the country for 2 years, provided that they also meet the general requirements that apply to all visa applicants. 

The residence permit granted under the highly skilled migrant scheme is valid for the duration of the employment contract, with a maximum possible duration of 5 years. If the foreign national resides in the country permanently for a minimum number of years he or she can apply for citizenship.

Highly skilled migrants may find that the Dutch lifestyle, culture, and employment opportunities meet their needs. they may also wish to remain involved in the academic sector or pursue other chances for further development in the Netherlands. If this is the case, a permanent stay, followed by a Netherlands citizenship application, can be a favourable solution. 

We also offer services to foreign nationals who are interested in applying for other types of visas. Residency in Netherlands is possible for foreign nationals looking for employment, as well as for students, among other categories. If you want to know more about how you can reside in the country even if you are not a startup founder, please reach out to our team.

Contact us for more details about the general process of immigration in Netherlands.