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Insurance Services for Expats in the Netherlands

Insurance Services for Expats in the Netherlands

When you decide to immigrate to the Netherlands you need to take several steps in order to prepare your move in this country. The insurances are an important aspect that no expat in the Netherlands should ignore. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you choose the most appropriate insurance offer from the insurance services available on the Dutch market. 

Why buy a Dutch insurance if you immigrate to the Netherlands?

Immigrating to another country implies many unexpected risks.  Expats in the Netherlands may not be familiar with the costs for the medical treatments or for the reparation of a car in their new home town. Therefore it is highly recommendable to invest in insurance services which can cover you for the most frequent risks. 

You may not travel alone in the Netherlands, and most of the time, immigrants want to be prepared for unexpected events. Having a Dutch insurance means having a plan B for yourself and your family in stressful situations, that otherwise you should manage on your own. 

The Dutch government requires by law that every person who lives in the country should have a basic health insurance. If you come to the Netherlands with your family our experts in immigration can help you find an affordable medical cover for you and those who are close to you. 

You may need as well specialized counselling in choosing a house insurance or even legal insurance from one of the many companies which provide insurance services in this country. Please call on our  immigration lawyer in Netherlands for support and advice. 

The most frequent types of insurances bought by expats in the Netherlands

Many newcomers in the Netherlands buy travel and life insurances even before arriving in this country. Immigrants who start to work in the Netherlands may wish as well to sign income insurances which grant them revenues in case of unemployment or disability. 

If you intend to buy a property in the Netherlands, one of our consultants can help you compare and choose a suitable house insurance, just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands would do. They can explain to you what aspects are the most important in an insurance contract so that you can take an informed decision.

Feel free to contact our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands so that you can find out what are the advantages of buying a Dutch insurance adapted to your needs.