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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Peru

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Peru

The Netherlands is a favored destination for Peruvian citizens who want to immigrate in Europe. In 2016, the EU signed a visa waiver agreement with Peru. This entitles the citizens of Peru to enter the Netherlands without a visa and to stay for 90 days without any further arrangement. There are other legal requirements for Peruvians who want to immigrate to the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can properly guide you thorough becoming a Dutch resident.

Residency requirements for an individual who immigrate to the Netherlands from Peru

Any Peruvian citizen who intends to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months and to apply for a Dutch residency permit needs an authorization for a temporary stay (MVV). You can apply for this document at any Dutch embassy or consulate in Peru before your departure for the Netherlands. Applying for a MVV is the beginning of your entry and residence procedure in the Netherlands. A sponsor in the Netherlands allows you to start this procedure in the Dutch kingdom. Depending on the reason of your stay in the Netherlands (work, family, education), you have to prepare specific documentation. Note that all your immigration documents must be notarized and translated into Dutch, German, English or French prior to being submitted with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) in the Netherlands. You have to pay the required fees in order to have your residence application assessed. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can tell you if you fulfill the necessary requirements for a Dutch residence permit.

Things to do upon arrival in the Netherlands

Once you are granted a residence permit you can relocate to the Netherlands. Here is a list of the most important things to do upon arrival in the Netherlands:
•    Collect your residence permit from the IND;
•    Register with the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) in the city where you will reside in the Netherlands. A translated and legalized copy of your Peruvian birth certificate is needed for this step;
•    In certain situations, an integration exam has to be passed. This enables you to know basic thing like renting a property in the Netherlands, finding a job or making a medical appointment.
If you need further information about the things you need to do upon arrival in the Netherlands, don`t hesitate to contactour team of immigration lawyers in Netherlands​.