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How to Apply for a MVV for the Netherlands

How to Apply for a MVV for the Netherlands

According to the Dutch immigration law, certain foreign citizens who intend to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period than three months must apply for a provisional residence permit (MVV). The application for a MVV for the Netherlands can be done directly at a Dutch embassy in your country of origin or through a sponsor, such as a family member or an employer. Certain nationals, like the citizens of a European Union member state, don`t need a MVV in order to relocate to the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you apply for a MVV in the Netherlands.

MVV application in the Netherlands, presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands

Certain nationalities require a temporary residence permit in order to enter the Netherlands and a permanent residence permit in order to live and work on a long term in this state. The application for a MVV for the Netherlands can be submitted with the Netherlands embassy in the country of origin. The provisional residence permit is issued by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Sevice (IND) and must be collected in the Netherlands. There are several steps to take in order to apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands:

•    Take the civic integration and examination abroad – this usually takes 8 weeks and if you pass this examination you must apply for MVV within a year;
•    Find a sponsor in the Netherlands to submit your application – if your application for MVV is successful, he or she will receive a notification and collect your MVV sticker at the embassy;
•    Submit an application in person – make an appointment to visit a Dutch embassy; they will check the application and send it to the IND service in the Netherlands;
•    Collect your MVV sticker from the embassy – the officials at the Dutch embassy will place the sticker in your passport.

If you want to apply for a MVV for the Netherlandsour immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you with legal assistance in obtaining a provisional or permanent residence permit in this country.

Who needs a MVV for the Netherlands?

Not everyone needs a MVV in order to immigrate to the Netherlands and apply for a Dutch residence permit. You have to apply for a MVV for the Netherlands unless:

•    You are from the European Union/Switzerland/EEA;
•    You have a valid Dutch residence permit;
•    You hold a residence permit/Blue card for 18 months in another European Community (EC) state;
•    You have already obtained a long term residence permit issued by another EC state;
•    You hold a valid residence permit in another EU member state or in another country which is part of the Schengen Area;
•    You are a national of the following states: Canada, Vatican City, South Korea, New Zeeland, Japan, Morocco, Australia and the United States;
•    Your child (under 12 years) was born in the Netherlands and you have legal residence in the country.

If you do not find yourself in any of the above mentioned situation, you need to apply for a MVV for the Netherlands. Feel free to contact our specialists in immigration matters in Netherlands if you need professional assistance in obtaining a Dutch MVV.