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How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Armenia

How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Armenia

Armenian citizens who want to live and work in the Netherlands must satisfy a number of requirements. Armenia is not part of the European Union or the EEA. Therefore, since April 2014, foreigners who relocate from Armenia to the Netherlands must apply for a combined residence and employment permit (GVVA). Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you with complete information about the legal procedures to undergo in order to move to the Netherlands.

Requirements for obtaining a combined residence and employment permit in Netherlands

This permit (GVVA) entitles a foreign national to live and work in the Netherlands. It is also called a Single Permit and it consists of a residence document and an additional document containing the working conditions. The application for the Single Permit is submitted by an employer with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in the Netherlands. You may benefit from several advantages if your employer chooses to become a recognized sponsor. Here is a list of the main conditions to be met in order to apply for a GVVA:

•    You are going to earn enough money on a long term basis. You need to support yourself financially in the Netherlands;
•    The salary you will receive is in accordance with market conditions;
•    Your gross monthly income has to be equal to the minimum wage of a 23-year-old employee. This condition applies to spouses or unmarried couples living together in the Netherlands;
•    Your employer`s company is registered with The Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

An extension of the Single permit is available to all foreign nationals who want to keep working for their employer. If you want to relocate from Armenia to the Netherlands and need to know if you are eligible for a combined residence and employment permit, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Netherlands for legal guidance.

Conditions for obtaining a Dutch GVVA, presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands 

A Dutch employer can hire an Armenian citizen only in some specific conditions. These are the following:

•   There is no suitable job candidate from the EU or an EEA country;
•   The job has been vacant for at least five weeks. Vacancies that are difficult to fulfill need a longer period of three months. The Employee Insurance Agency decides whether a vacancy is easy or difficult to fill;
•    The employer has advertised the job opening in the media.

Since GVVA is a combined residence and work permit, the application must be submitted with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in the Netherlands. Please get in touch with our immigration lawyer in Netherlands if you need help in preparing the proper documentation for a GVVA application.