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Moving to Europe from Mexico

Moving to Europe from Mexico

Mexicans traveling to Europe for short periods are allowed to enter the Schengen area without a mandatory requirement for a visa. This is applicable for 90 days within a 180 day period. the situation is different for those who are planning on moving to Europe from Mexico.

In general, Spain and Portugal are two of the top countries preferred by immigrants from Mexico. Language and cultural similarities can have a significant impact on this decision. However, individuals coming from this southern North American country are also finding that other countries, such as Germany or the Netherlands offer advantages and opportunities. The United Kingdom (although under Brexit) tends to be the country of choice for those who are looking to English-speaking jobs, however, the Scandinavian states, where English is widespread, can also present opportunities for some individuals. 

In the European Commission definition, the term immigrant refers to a non-EU individual who will spend or is expected to spend at least twelve months in a chosen country from the Union. Moving to the EU means that Mexican nationals have access to a unified market, with various opportunities.

The Netherlands is one of the countries in the EU that has a welcoming attitude towards expats and where many international companies have opened their headquarters. Finding a job in a Dutch city is one of the most common ways for foreign nationals to relocate here. For Mexican nationals who are looking to move to Europe, our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide the needed details for the relocation process.

Issues to consider when moving to Europe

Relocating to a European country is an important decision and a significant change for Mexican immigrants. Although a country like Spain will provide an easy transition because of the language, individuals will need to take into consideration the cultural differences and the fact that although unified under the EU common laws and value, each country retains its own diversity, customs and traditions. 

Some of the points below are work considering before deciding to move to Europe from Mexico:

  • Immigration conditions: this is a primary condition, understanding the requirements for obtaining and renewing the residence permits.
  • Language: immigrants should learn the language spoken in the country where they plan to move even if English is widely spoken.
  • City: getting to know the city where they will live is equally important and some may choose to visit the city as tourists first; our local immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can help answer your questions about this particular location;
  • Living conditions: talking to locals can be helpful, however, an important issue to consider is the prices for renting or buying property in the chosen city.
  • Taxation: the tax rates can be an important criterion when choosing the EU country to move to.

When moving to the Netherlands, Mexicans will need to comply with the conditions set forth by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. One of our agents who specialize in Netherlands immigration can give you more details about the pre-arrival and the post-arrival requirements.

Moving from Mexico to the Netherlands

The situations in which a Mexican citizen can request a residency permit in the Netherlands are the following:

  1. Employment: finding a job and then applying for the work and residence permit in Netherlands with the participation of the employer.
  2. Study: being accepted to a Dutch university is a precondition; also available for secondary education.
  3. Business: opening a company in the Netherlands that complies with certain conditions can be an option for obtaining a residence permit.
  4. Investment: making a substantial investment in other areas apart from opening a Dutch startup.
  5. Family reunification: when one of the partners is a Dutch resident or when one of the first-degree relatives is one.

The Immigration and Naturalization Department will usually issue its decision within ninety days from the submission of the application. Family members can usually join an individual who is moving to the Netherlandsfor work purposes, except for those cases in which he engages in seasonal work or is in the county only for gaining work experience.

Moving to Europe for work purposes

Below, we will refer to the option for moving to Europe in the Netherlands work purposes. The information presented herein is useful for immigrants from Mexico who are considering moving to Europe and are looking at the opportunities in the Netherlands. Different Dutch cities present various employment opportunities and the Netherlands has a well-developed services sector where foreign employees are welcomed and can integrate easily.

Work in paid employment is a suitable option for many Mexican immigrants; however, some may qualify for the highly skilled migrant position, when they will work in a high-level position. This also applies to those Mexican nationals who will work as a scientific researcher, guest lecturer or trainee doctor. In this case, the employer needs to be a sponsor recognized by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. Some other types of work that fall into the general category of work in paid employment include those employees in art and culture, employees of international non-profit organizations or a spiritual counselor (with specific requirements in this case for passing the basic civic integration examination while still abroad). 

Some conditions apply to all individuals looking to apply for a permit for working in paid employment in the Netherlands. These include: 

  • having a valid passport or travel document; children may be included on the parent’s passport (one child per passport).
  • signing the antecedents certificate: included in the application form, it is a statement that the applicant has not committed any crimes.

A general condition that can apply to some foreign residents is to undergo a tuberculosis test. Mexicans are not required to take the test once they arrive in the country.

When applying for a work permit for the Netherlands, the applicant must be able to show that he or she will earn enough income. Moreover, the company for which he or she will provide the work will need to be registered with the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce, as applicable per the business type.

In most cases, the applicant can submit an application called the Single Permit application. This combines the residence permit in Netherlands and the work permit (the TWV for which the employer applies in general cases). The Single Permit will state the work for which the foreign national is admitted and the conditions under which he or she can perform this work in the Netherlands. 

Mexican immigrant can also work in the Netherlands as self-employed individuals. The business in which they will activate needs to be of essential interest for the Dutch economy and the product or services needs to be innovative. The personal experience, business plan and the added value of the services for the Netherlands are all part of a scoring system in which the applicant needs to obtain at least 90 points out of a total of 300 (a minimum of 30 points for each of the three aforementioned criteria). 

Our Netherlands immigration specialists can give you more details if you are interested in moving in the country by securing employment. If you are already living in the country we can answer any questions related to obtaining Dutch citizenship.

Moving to Europe for Investment Purposes

Foreign investors are welcomed in the Netherlands and the country offers many business advantages as well as a good business climate. Its location in Europe makes Netherlands a good place to base the headquarters for an EU business that can also offer products or services to neighboring countries.  

Under the current scheme for investors, entrepreneurs from Mexico can invest and reside in the country under favorable conditions. The applicant must make a minimum investment in a company in the Netherlands or a fund that fits into a Government-approved scheme. This minimum value is at least 1,250,000 euros. Moreover, the investment must be of interest for the economy and must be able to generate jobs and be innovative. When determining which projects can be approved, the Immigration and Naturalization Services collaborates with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The origin of the assets will also be evaluated and the foreign investor will need to grant the agents permission to investigate the origin of the assets that will be used for the investment. For this purpose, the Financial Intelligence Unit will perform a special investigation. 

Our Dutch immigration lawyers can provide investors with more information about the manner in which the value of the investment is assessed and the minimum requirements for the investment plan.

Moving to the Netherlands can be a suitable choice for Mexicans looking to relocate to an EU country that offers various types of opportunities.

One of our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can answer any additional questions about the general residence permit application for this European country.

The Netherlands is one EU Member State that offers great connectivity to surrounding countries, business and employment opportunities, high quality of life and higher education options for immigrants who are also relocating with their children. These are the main reasons why foreign nationals will choose to also apply for citizenship after a minimum time lawfully spent in the country.

If you decide to move to the Netherlands, you may also be interested in becoming a Dutch citizen once you have lived in the country for at least five years. Acquiring citizenship in the Netherlands is possible through the naturalization option. This is the choice of many foreign nationals, as the one through the option procedure or through descent is not available to anyone.

US nationals who live in Mexico can apply for a special DAFT visa that will allow them to relocate to the Netherlands based on minimum business investment. The substantial capital of the business will depend on the chosen business form, however, in most cases this is €4.500 which needs to be maintained. Our team can give you more details about this visa upon request. 

Contact us for complete details about the residence permit application process in the Netherlands.