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Moving to Europe from US

Moving to Europe from US

One of the European countries that can be a good option for US immigrants is the Netherlands. The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty makes it easier for American citizens, particularly entrepreneurs, to move to Europe in the Netherlands. For example, under this treaty, US entrepreneurs can obtain Dutch residency for the purpose of starting a business in the Netherlands. One important feature is that the investment capital amount is lowered for this type of residency visa and also US investors are no longer subject to the points-based test based on which the evaluation of a residency application is made for entrepreneurs. The treaty works both ways, meaning that Dutch investors are also granted the right to start a business in the United States.

Moving to Europe from the US is an important step and individuals can choose where to move in the EU based on a number of criteria. The Netherlands has a high quality of life and it is located close to many other EU capitals such as Paris, Brussels and even London. Moving to a Dutch city can be a good option for those Americans interested in starting a business that requires them to be well connected to clients in other European countries. Moreover, living in a Dutch city will also be appealing if the US immigrants are also moving together with their family. Good options for housing and education are available in all Dutch cities and the country has a number of top universities in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden, and others.

The immigration process to the Netherlands is one that will seem fairly simple to American citizens and the fact that English is widely spoken is another important advantage.

An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands from our team can help US immigrants with all of the needed details about the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty as well as details regarding the steps that need to be performed once the decision to move has been made. If interested, you can reach out to us for more details about moving to Europe from US.

Moving to the Netherlands from the US assisted by an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands

Our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can help with the assessment of the residence applications for all individuals who wish to move to and live in the Netherlands as well as those who wish to become Dutch citizens after having lived in the country for a longer period. When moving to Europe from US, a number of administrative and even bureaucratic issues will differ and it is recommended to reach out to a team of local specialists. 

US citizens who have been living in the Netherlands uninterruptedly for at least five years (and during all of this time they have held a valid residence permit) can apply for Dutch citizenship by naturalization. Other conditions for this application include being sufficiently integrated (reading, writing, speaking and understanding Dutch), not having received a prison sentence, community service or large fine in the last five years as well as renouncing the current nationality. One of our Dutch immigration lawyers can give you more details on these conditions if you are a US citizen.

If you are considering moving to Europe from US, the manners in which an American citizen can reside in the Netherlands include the following:

  • through an investment: as stated above, the Friendship Treaty makes it advantageous for US entrepreneurs to move to the Netherlands and gain residency.
  • as a highly skilled migrant: employment is possible when a US individual is highly skilled and applies for a job in the Netherlands.
  • as an employee: apart from the highly skilled migrant permit, intra-corporate transfer residence permits also apply as well as regular work in paid employment.
  • for study purposes: US nationals accepted by a Dutch university are granted a residence permit; they can later choose to look for a job after they finish their studies.

Moving to the Netherlands is also possible for spouses and for American citizens who are married to a Dutch citizen. An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands who works in our team can give you more details about these situations.

Amsterdam is a popular city amongst expats. If you want to move here, you can reach out to our immigration lawyers Amsterdam.

Reasons to move to the Netherlands from the US

Life in the Netherlands can be appealing to US expats and here are some of the main reasons why:

  • business opportunities: the country is well-developed and has a welcoming business climate; entrepreneurs and employees alike can find different opportunities here;
  • lifestyle: appealing both for bicycle lovers and for those who are looking for the openness of the Dutch mindset;
  • wellbeing: the country has a high quality of life rate both for adults and for children;
  • accessibility: the Netherlands scores well in many categories that are important for US immigrants and the fact that it offers quick access to other EU countries is an important issue to take into consideration.

While there are many options when moving to Europe from US, Americans may find that the Netherlands suits their criteria for accessibility, good infrastructure and a high quality of life. Individuals who are interested in Netherlands immigration can talk more about the process and the types of visas with one of our lawyers.

Contact our Dutch immigration lawyers for more information on moving to the Netherlands and the steps needed once you arrive in the country and plan to stay long-term.