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A Guide on the Citizen Service Number in the Netherlands

A Guide on the Citizen Service Number in the Netherlands

The citizen service number in the Netherlands or BSN (Burgerservicenummer) is very important for anyone how stays for a short or longer period of time on the Dutch territory. Foreign citizens who intend to settle in the Netherlands must obtain first the BSN from the town hall in their area of residence. This number is allocated to each person who is registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database and it represents

a valuable instrument for the administrative bodies to keep a record of the population. In order to find out more details on the citizen service number in the Netherlands, you can discuss with our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who can offer you a complete picture of the issue in question. 

Key details concerning the citizen service number in the Netherlands

The citizen service number in the Netherlands is an identification instrument which appears not only in the Municipal database but also on your passport and driving license.  If you settle in the Netherlands, this number can in some cases replace the previous identification system which was done through social security and tax numbers (called the SoFi number). 

The citizen service number in the Netherlands helps the authorities to identify you and to have access to your personal details who are all centralized in the same place.  This simplifies and reduces the duration of your interaction with the public authorities reducing as well the chances of error. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can further familiarize you with the BSN and its uses in this country.

More information on the citizen service number in the Netherlands

There is no separate procedure of application for a citizen service number in the Netherlands. The issuance of this number is done automatically when you register with the municipal authorities, when you move in a Dutch city. As a foreign person who intends to settle in Netherlands you will have to go as well through the procedure for obtaining a BSN from the local town hall. 

The uses of the BSN don’t only prevent the theft of identity, but they continue as well in the care sector. Based on the information contained in the citizen number, the health institutions can much faster actualize and centralize information on the patients’ health condition and problems. In education as well the BSN has an important role of simplifying the procedure of public funds allocated to students. For obtaining a job in the Netherlands the BSN is a key element, and eployees must be able to provide a citizen service number to the employer in order to be able to work in this country.

Don’t hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who can offer you more details on the advantages of the BSN and on the registration procedure with the municipality.