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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Ireland

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Ireland

People from Ireland who want to immigrate to the Netherlands can freely enter the country, without having to solicit a particular visa.  The country is still an EU (European Union) member, but not a Schengen one, just like the UK. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands is ready to provide you with information and assistance if you are interested in relocating in the Netherlands for study or work purpose.

Those who wish to open a company can receive assistance from our team when applying for the Netherlands startup visa.

Obtain a Dutch residence permit as an Irish citizen 

Irish people choose to immigrate to the Netherlands for different reasons. Some want to start a new life and develop their career in numerous important fields according to their knowledge and experience, or some want to study at the prestigious colleges in the country. If you find yourself in this situation and you come from Ireland, it is good to know that a residence permit will be necessary for a legal stay in the country, an important document which is issued by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services). Please consider the following documents to obtain a Dutch residence permit:

•    an available passport;
•    an identification card from your home country;
•    proof of a stable income in the Netherlands;
•    a diploma which attests the civic integration.

When deciding to move to the Netherlands it is advisable to ask for guidance and assistance from our Dutch immigration lawyer. In case you are interested in the citizenship by investment program in Netherlands, our lawyers can give you more information.

Another option for Irish citizens to move to the Netherlands is if their father was a Dutch national. Our team can give you more details about Netherlands citizenship by descent.

Why immigrate from Ireland to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a developed country in any important domain, and open to all immigrants who want to settle here and find a better way of living. Amsterdam is an important business hub and numerous entrepreneurs find the Netherlands as a perfect opportunity to generate money and to have a proper living. The Irish migration in the Netherlands started in the 19th century, the community registering a positive contribution for the country. Marketing, management, research, health, public services, tourism or administration are key sectors where people from Ireland have found suitable jobs. The good news is that the Irish people do not need a work permit when accepting a job offer in the Netherlands

The decision to relocate to the Netherlands is an important one and following the mandatory rules for registration with the authorities upon arrival is essential. If you are interested in relocating to the country and obtaining residency in Netherlands, our team can answer your questions irrespective of your country of origin. You can confidently reach out to us as soon as you are ready to apply for a permit.

Additional information about how to immigrate to the Netherlands from Ireland can be found if you contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.