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Moving to Europe from China

Moving to Europe from China

Chinese immigration into Europe has grown over the past decade, with Chinese communities in the EU being subject to rapid evolvement and change. The Netherlands is among those countries in the European Union where the Chinese population has a medium size and has been established for a relatively long time. Other northern European countries also record important Chinese populations, such as in the UK, however, large populations are also found in Italy, France or Spain. 

The main economic activity of Chinese immigrants in Europe has been in the catering sector, however, this dynamic is changing, with important opportunities in the import and export business and even in the fashion industry, in the manufacturing and distributions sector. 

Moving to the Netherlands or another EU country is a process that starts with applying for a visa with the country’s embassy or consulate in a Chinese city. This is a step that is handled by the applicant and, in those cases that involve employment or study, it is performed once the candidate has been accepted for a job or study programme. 

Many European countries, the Netherlands included, offer golden visa programs. In essence, these offer residency permits to investors who can make a substantial investment in real estate or in other sectors. Programs like these exist in the Netherlands, Spain or Portugal. 

One of our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can help Chinese nationals who are interested in moving to the Netherlands. Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about immigration to the Netherlands as well as highlight some of the main aspects to consider when moving to Europe.

What are the options for obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands?

Chinese nationals who immigrate to the Netherlands have the option of either become employed or start their own business. Of course, those who are interested can also apply for a student visa, when they wish to continue their education at a Dutch university. Alternatively, highly skilled migrants can apply for a special type of permit.

What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands?

When applying for a residence permit, the applicant is expected to be able to show that he can honor the investment (when applicable) or that he has been accepted for a certain job opening or highly skilled position as well as a certain education programme. Some applicants may be required to show that they have sufficient financial means to sustain themselves for a certain period of time.

What to take into consideration when moving to Europe from China 

Transiting to a new culture is not always easy and Chinese immigrants in Europe can start by planning not only their employment or work but also how they will adapt to the new socio-cultural characteristics. Here are some important issues to consider before the move:

  • learn the language: regardless of the European country you choose to move to, it is important to learn the language, preferably as fast as possible, even if English is commonly spoken like in the Netherlands, for example.
  • get health insurance: this is a mandatory step when applying for a residence permit, however, it is recommended to have health insurance in all cases.
  • handle banking and pension options: banking and finances, including your pension options, are important if you have decided to move to a European country; speaking with a local financial adviser can also be an option.
  • handle belongings: moving to Europe from China may mean that you will have to decide what to do with your belongings in the Chinese city where you used to live; choosing a reliable removals service is important when deciding to move the belongings from China to Europe.

These are just some of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration when moving to a European country. Chinese nationals interested in Netherlands immigration can talk more with one of our agents.

The growth and distribution of the Chinese population in the EU have evolved, and it includes countries that have experienced a faster growth compared to others (the United Kingdom as opposed to Hungary, for example). Chinese immigrants bring an important contribution to the expansion of local Chinese communities and to the dynamic of the population in general.

When deciding to move from China to Europe, it is advisable to seek personalized assistance in order to handle all of the immigration steps as easily as possible. If you want to move to Amsterdam, our team of immigration lawyers in Amsterdam will assist you.

Chinese immigrants can contact our team of Dutch immigration lawyers for more information about the requirements for obtaining residence permits and for the conditions for acquiring citizenship through naturalization.  

Chinese nationals who wish to apply for Dutch citizenship by naturalization can reach out to our team of immigration specialists for detailed information about the mandatory criteria for applicants. Language knowledge, as well as financial independence, are two of these essential factors. Please feel free to reach out to us before you start the application for citizenship.

Our team also assists US citizens who wish to invest in the country and benefit from the DAFT Treaty. Under this agreement, an applicant who can invest a minimum amount in a Dutch business can remain in the country for two years. This investment amount will differ according to the type of company and other criteria. You can contact us for more details about the DAFT agreement.