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Moving to the Netherlands from Qatar

Moving to the Netherlands from Qatar

According to the Dutch immigration law, any national of Qatar moving to the Netherlands needs a long term permit and a MVV visa. You need to know that you can apply for the MVV visa at the same time as your residence permit. There are specific conditions to be met in order to apply for a MVV visa in the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can assist you in the visa application process.

MVV application for Qatari citizens

Relocating to the Netherlands from Qatar is a long term decision and you must make sure you lawfully live and work in this country. A MVV is a type of visa allowing you to legally enter the Netherlands. You can personally apply for a MVV visa or your Dutch sponsor can do it on your behalf. If you apply for a residence permit at the same time, this procedure is called entry and residence procedure (TEV). Prior to applying for a MVV, a civic integration exam has to be taken in your country of origin, at a Dutch embassy or consulate.

When you apply for a MVV you have to:

  • provide information about the purpose of your stay in the Netherlands;
  • must fill in the application form;
  • present certified copies of all your identity papers.

If you are submitting foreign documents for MVV visa application, you have to prior translate and legalize all the documentation. Please note that your entire personal ID must be translated into Dutch, German, French or English by a sworn translator in your country of origin. There is a visa application fee which has to be paid at the Dutch embassy or consulate and in case your application is rejected you are not granted a refund. The IND processes your application and the time frame is around 90 days. This period can be shortened to 14 days if the MVV application is submitted by a Dutch sponsor. 

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can give you extensive information about any visa application procedure.   

Becoming a Dutch national is possible through the process called naturalization. Acquiring Dutch citizenship will be mainly based on a minimum number of years lawfully spent in the country, and on other criteria. You will not be allowed to keep your Qatari nationality when you become a Dutch citizen. Our team can give you personalized information about the requirements and the application steps.

Qatari nationals employed in the Netherlands

If you are moving to the Netherlands from Qatar, you need to find a job and financially support yourself in this new country. Depending on the category of your stay, a work permit may be needed. The general conditions for obtaining a work permit in the Netherlands are the following:

•    You must earn a competitive salary in the Netherlands;
•    You cannot earn less than the minimum wage for employees over the age of 23;
•    Your employer has to bring proof that your position could not be filled by an EEA/EU/Swiss national. This labor market test is not necessary for refugees, interns and intra-company transfers;
•    You need to fulfill specific income requirements.

Please contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands if you need extensive information about visa application or Dutch work permits.