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Moving to Europe from Brazil

Moving to Europe from Brazil

Europe is an attractive option for Brazilians looking to relocate. Retaining their cultural heritage, the countries in Europe are also brought together by the EU flag, allowing for unity, connectivity and shared regulatory and legal standards. Moving to Europe from Brazil is a process that starts with narrowing down the countries that provide the most attractive regimes for expats and foreigners or for foreign entrepreneurs for those who wish to start a business.

Portugal and Spain are often two of the most accessible countries in Europe to Brazilians. Those who choose to move here will most often do so by obtaining a work permit and becoming employees. For investors, these two countries also have an attractive golden visa regime, where the applicant can obtain residency based on a substantial real estate investment.

Nevertheless, other locations in the EU can prove to be inspired for those looking to relocate permanently. The Netherlands is one example of a country that is hospitable to expats. Here, immigrants from Brazil can find suitable options for higher education as well as a good health system. Moreover, the country is very well connected to other EU countries, making it very easy to access important capitals like Paris, Brussels or London. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help immigrants from Brazil interested in moving to this country.

When deciding to immigrate to Netherlands, it is advisable to reach out to an expert in the local legislation, such as our team of lawyers who specialize in immigration matters. By doing so, moving from Brazil to the Netherlands can become much simpler with clear guidance and local aid once you arrive in the Dutch city of choice.

What are the conditions for moving to the Netherlands?

The requirements for Brazilians who wish to move to the Netherlands can be summarized in obtaining the adequate residence permit, according to the reason of the stay. This permit is applied for before arriving in the Netherlands and it needs to be reviewed and approved by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. This agency assesses all applications submitted by foreign nationals who wish to love in the Netherlands and later on become Dutch citizens.

A Brazilian can obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands for the following purposes:

  1. Employment: one of the most common means of acquiring a residence permit, it depends on finding a job.
  2. Employment as a highly skilled migrant: available for those who can find a job in a high-level position or who will work as scientific researchers. 
  3. Study: for those who are accepted by a Dutch university or secondary education institution as well as trainees in some cases.
  4. Investment: this is a residence permit that is conditioned by making a significant or valuable investment.
  5. Family: a permit issued to those who have a Dutch partner or whose partner has a Dutch residence permit.

One of our Netherlands immigration specialists can give you more details about these permits and the application procedure for each one of them. Below, we only discuss the main requirements for obtaining a work permit.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Dutch work visa?

When moving from Brazil to the Netherlands for employment purposes, the applicant must first find a job in the Netherlands. Only in some cases can an individual apply for a residence permit for the purpose of searching for a job. Once the contract is agreed, the steps that follow are:

  • the residence permit application: the employer is the one who applies for the residence permit for his future foreign employee.
  • the application verification: the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND) verifies the application.
  • the decision: the IND issues a decision within 90 days from the submission of the application.
  • travel to the Netherlands: the applicant can pick up his long-stay visa from the embassy and can then travel to the country.
  • collect the residence permit: the IND prepares the residence permit and this can be collected once the applicant receives a letter.

Once the applicant has collected the residence permit, he is required to register with the municipality in which he will live and take out health insurance (a mandatory step).

The Netherlands can be your European country of choice when looking to move from Brazil. Our team can help you throughout the transition period. If you want to move to a certain Dutch city, our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can help you.

Brazilians who would like to move to Europe can find out more about the conditions to relocate to the Netherlands from a Dutch immigration lawyer from our team. Contact us for detailed information about the residence permit requirements as well as the applicable conditions and steps to follow once you arrive in the country.