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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Italy

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Italy

Since both Italy and the Netherlands are members of the European Union, Italian people benefit from the mutual agreements between the two countries. Many Italians come in the Netherlands for study or work without the inconvenient of huge bureaucracy. Most of the Italian population of Netherlands came in this country during the 60s as guest workers. In order to settle in this country, nowadays an Italian needs to apply for a permit through the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can advise you on the steps you need to do in order to become a resident in the Netherlands.

Useful documents for immigration in Netherlands

Italians who intend to immigrate to the Netherlands in order to work or to join another member of the family, need to obtain a residence permit for long stay. The necessary documentation which needs to be gathered in view of the permit application contains an ID or passport, and a document which can prove a job offer or a stable income in this country. Diplomas or other papers may be useful as evidence of the skill and training of the respective person. 
Other documents which might be required by the authorities are:

•    birth certificate;
•    marriage certificates, when it is the case;
•    and tenancy agreement or house purchase agreement. 

From one of our immigration lawyers you may seek for guidance in the legal framework for immigration in Netherlands

Key steps for immigration in the Netherlands – expained by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands

Depending on the reason for which you might decide to immigrate to Netherlands, you might have different priorities when moving in this country. One of the main concerns is to find a job which suits your qualification and which can provide the appropriate living conditions for you and your family. 

Another aspect which is important for many Italian families who move in Netherlands is finding a suitable housing and schooling option for their children. The language barrier may be a problem, so you need to take care of this aspect and try to improve your language skills by efficient Dutch classes and conversations. 

Another important thing to keep in mind regarding immigration to Netherlands is to familiarize with the health system in this country and to make sure you choose a good insurance program. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of attorneys. Our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can offer counselling and useful information on the obtaining of a residence permit in the Netherlands.