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Immigration to EU

Immigration to EU

Netherlands accommodates already over 100.000 immigrants who decided to move in this country for its advantageous life and working conditions, or in order to reunite with their families. Immigration to EU is a process which involves a significant amount of preparation in order to comply with requirements imposed by the authorities to foreigners. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can give you tips on the obtaining of a residence permit in this country.

Grounds for immigration to EU

Netherlands is part of the European Union from 1958, this country being one of the founding members. If you intend to immigrate to EU you will find here a democratic society with a long tradition. Moreover the liberal economy encourages individual initiatives and the development of start-ups. In Netherlands skilled migrants can find attractive jobs and the employment law provides a wide series of rights to the workers.

It is important however to meet certain conditions in order to be eligible for a work permit in the Netherlands or the other countries of the Union. Please discuss with our consultants in order to simplify the process of immigration in EU, and find out the key aspects of the Dutch legislation which regulate the obtaining of a residence permit in this country.

How to immigrate to EU

Immigrating in another country can involve a minimal period of accommodation. This is why it is so important to prepare in advance and try to get some notions of the foreign language spoken in the country where you intend to move. 

You need to inform on the application requirements for a Visa and for a residence permit. This document is required if you intend to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 day. There are many advantages of becoming a Dutch resident one of which is the facilitation of traveling inside the European Union.

Feel free to contact one of our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, can offer you more details on the process duration and necessary documents which allow you to immigrate to EU.