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Mortgage Services for Expats in the Netherlands

Mortgage Services for Expats in the Netherlands

If you want to move to the Netherlands and you already have a reliable job offer, you might consider to buy a house through a Dutch mortgage service. The change of residence does not only imply a new home, but also a new legal environment and a new market, with which you might not be so familiar. This is why our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can assist you to understand the local legislation concerning mortgage and property acquisition, to compare the offers of the mortgage companies, and to know what to expect to find in a mortgage contract

When can expats employ mortgage services in the Netherlands?

Even if there are no strict restrictions for the mortgage application in the Netherlands, however it is recommendable for expats to sign a mortgage contract only if they have a relatively stable financial situation. The following list presents the conditions in which you can explore the advantageous mortgage options from the Dutch providers, with minimal risks:

• If you have a stable employment;

• You have your own successful business;

• You have a  high income;

• You have a long experience in your work domain.

You can rely on our immigration lawyer in Netherlands to guide you on the procedure of applying for a mortgage in this country.

How to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands?

There are many banks in the Netherlands that offer mortgage services to expats who want to buy a property in this country. Even if each institution might have its own particular requirements, our consultants can explain to you and help you prepare the documents which are very likely to be asked from the applicants, by any bank. As such you will need to provide a valid passport and to be able to prove that you have stayed in the Netherlands at least six months. Expats applying for a mortgage will need to have a citizen service number (BSN) and to prove that their employment contract is permanent or on a sufficiently long period of time. 

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you decide which type of mortgage is more suitable to you. If you prefer to repay each month a fixed amount of money then you should apply for a linear mortgage. In Netherlands you can also choose an annuity which allows you to pay less and less money, the more so as your loan approaches the end.   

You are welcome to contact our experts in immigration who can inform you on the most important aspects of employing a Dutch mortgage service.