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Relocation of Employees to Netherlands

Relocation of Employees to Netherlands

The relocation of employees to the Netherlands is a multi-step process that takes into account the available types of residence permits, as well as the general rules for the entry and stay of foreign nationals in the country according to their nationality.

The Dutch employer has a role in the relocation process and will be involved with the Immigration and Naturalization Department.

Both the employer and the employee have access to a special tax incentive for foreign employees, the 30% ruling, which allows for lower taxes for both parties.

Our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands provide complete assistance for the relocation of personnel to Netherlands.

This article describes the general rules followed by both the employer and the employees, with an emphasis on lawfully staying in the country based on a residency permit.

Should you need more detailed information on the relocation of employees to the Netherlands, as well as assistance during the process, please reach out to our team.

Foreign employees in the Netherlands

The arrival conditions for foreign employees differ according to their nationality.

Foreign nationals from outside the EU, the US, Canada, Australia, and a number of other countries will also need to apply for a MVV before they travel to the country.

Taking this into account, the detachment of employees to Netherlands will include more or fewer steps, depending on the nationality of the employee or employees.

You can always reach out to us prior to commencing the relocation of international employees to the Netherlands.

One of our agents will give you complete information on the detachment of employees to Netherlands according to the nationality of the employee.

The following residence permits apply in the case of foreign workers:

  • the intra-corporate transferee residence permit: used for posting employees to the Netherlands; the individual will be transferred to the Dutch branch;
  • the residence permit for essential start-up personnel: the individual will work for a start-up and will have an essential role; we will receive salary and participating interest;
  • residence permit for researchers: the individual will work under EU Directive 2016/801; a grant can be offered instead of a salary;
  • residence permit for highly skilled migrants: a common manner for the relocation of employees to the Netherlands when the individual has the qualification for a highly skilled job (high level of education).

Please note that different minimum income amounts and documentation apply according to the type of transfer and the industry in which the respective individual will activate.

For example, the documentation for intra-company transfers will differ from that used by companies hiring highly skilled migrants.

Our services tailored for those interested in the relocation of employees to the Netherlands will include details on the needed documents, their preparation, application submission, and status, as well as others.

Our team can give you complete information on residency in the Netherlands for those who come to the country for work purposes. Different permits are in place according to the type of work one is qualified for, and they include those for regular employees, as well as those for highly skilled migrants. If you need personalized information on these, you can always reach out to our team.

The relocation of personnel to Netherlands

As seen above, the employer is not only involved in the relocation process, but he is also responsible for drawing up an employment offer and agreement that will meet the current salary requirements in the market.

For the relocation of employees to the Netherlands, both employers and employees should be aware of the following income requirements:

  • a residence permit to work in paid employment: Gross SV salary per month with holiday allowance EUR 1,896.70;
  • work as a highly skilled migrant and for the European Blue Card: 2022 salary criteria for highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years: EUR 3,549.00 gross per month;
  • work as a highly skilled migrant and for the European Blue Card: 2022 salary criteria for highly skilled migrants older than 30 years:  EUR 4,840.00 gross per month;
  • residence permit as essential start-up personnel: gross income per month without holiday allowance EUR 2,543.00.

The data was provided by the Immigration and Naturalization department and was valid at the time this article was written.

The minimum income requirements differ and are subject to change every year. Please refer to our team of immigration specialists in the Netherlands for updated information.

You can benefit from dedicated support when you choose to work with our team for the relocation of employees to the Netherlands.

A US business owner in the country who relocated under the DAFT Visa can reach out to our team of experts for more information on how to relocate employees from the US to the Netherlands for the business opened as part of the DAFT agreement requirements. We can give you more information about the business criteria and mandatory conditions if you wish to apply for this type of visa.

Contact us today for more information about the relocation process needed for posting employees to the Netherlands.

We can also give you details about the expatriate concession, the 30% ruling for eligible foreign employees.

For those foreign nationals who are already in the country and have been residing here for work purposes, our team also offers guidance on the general naturalization process for citizenship.

As an employee who has relocated to the Netherlands, you may also be interested in the process of naturalization. For this to be possible, you will need to complete five uninterrupted years of lawfully living in the country. As an employee who was relocated for long-term purposes, this can be a suitable opportunity. Our team can walk you through the main requirements for citizenship in the Netherlands

We can also help US nationals apply for a DAFT visa.