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How to move to the Netherlands from Lithuania

How to move to the Netherlands from Lithuania

Lithuania is a member state of the EU, therefore its citizens don`t need a residence permit in order to live and work in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, before moving from Lithuania to the Netherlands, they need to understand the provisions of the Dutch immigration law. A registration procedure with a Dutch municipality is necessary, irrespective of the length of their stay in the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can assist you in the process of moving to the Netherlands.

Registering as a resident of the Netherlands

If you want to move to the Netherlands from Lithuania, a registration procedure with a Dutch municipality is compulsory. If you intend to stay in the Netherlands for less than four months, you need to register as a temporary resident (non-resident) of the Netherlands. The Dutch authorities provide you with 19 registration desks in the main cities of the Netherlands. A valid identity document is what you need for non-resident registration. Providing proof of your address in Lithuania in a clearly legible form it is advisable in this situation. If you plan to stay in the country for more than four months, you have to register as a resident of the Netherlands. This procedure has to be done within the first five days of your arrival in the Netherlands and is free of charge. Here is a list of the documents you have to bring to the town hall:

•    A valid passport or any identity card;
•    A rental contract or a sale contract of your house in the Netherlands or a proof that you have a stable home address in the country;For the last situation,the person must declare in writting that you live in his/her house. Also bring a copy of his or her identity document with you;
•    Other important Lithuanian documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates;
•    A written declaration from the person you live in with in the Netherlands, if applicable.

Note that if you delay the registration procedure, you may receive a fine up to 325 EUR. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you move from Lithuania and assist you in registering with a Dutch municipality.

Arranging a home address in the Netherlands

After your registration as a resident in the Netherlands, you receive a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). This number is very useful in several situations:

•    Opening a bank account in the Netherlands;
•    Arranging a general practitioner or going to a hospital in emergency cases;
•    Enrolling your children in a Dutch school if you bring them with you to the Netherlands.

There are several possibilities to arrange a home address in the Netherlands when moving from Lithuania. You can rent a house from a housing association which usually advertises its vacancies on the municipality website. Other possibilities for finding accommodation in the Netherlands are: renting via your employer or employment agency, renting from a private individual, living with other labor migrants or buying a house in the Netherlands.

If you plan to move from Lithuania to the Netherlands and need help in registering with a Dutch municipality, don`t hesitate to contact one of our immigration Netherlands experts.