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Immigrate to Europe from New Zealand

Immigrate to Europe from New Zealand

Individuals who immigrate to Europe from New Zealand have to follow a number of procedures that differ from one country to the other. In essence, moving to Europe will mean obtaining a visa or work permit and this application is submitted to the country’s embassy or consulate in New Zealand. This is a process that starts once the immigrant has decided where he wishes to move and how he will sustain himself once he arrives in the EU country (whether through work, opening a business or making an investment).

Spain and Portugal have attractive visa programs for investors from non-EU countries who wish to purchase property, however, other EU countries like Ireland offer a welcoming and low-tax business environment which may be taken into consideration by New Zealanders who wish to start a business or expand to the EU market.

The Netherlands is one of the EU countries that offer multiple opportunities in terms of work and good residency conditions for highly skilled migrants or investors. Below our team of Dutch immigration lawyers describes the main issues to take into consideration if, as a New Zealander, you choose to immigrate to the Netherlands.

Moving to Europe is an important decision and immigrants are advised to seek proper counseling in the country in which they wish to move. Arranging for the proper residence permits and obtaining the identification number and documents upon arrival are important steps to take care of. Moreover, for families moving together, it is important to determine how the reunification will be possible and whether or not it is preferable for the family to move together or look up the applicable family reunification policies once a family member has obtained a residence permit in that country.

Below, we describe the process of acquiring long-term residence in the Netherlands for those New Zealanders who wish to take this country into consideration.

Moving to the Netherlands from New Zealand

Immigration to the Netherlands is possible through employment, for investment or study purposes as well as for those individuals who are considered highly qualified in a certain sector. Below, we list some of the manners in which an individual from New Zealand can obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. By continuing to lawfully live in the country according to one of these conditions, individuals can later apply for citizenship through naturalization.

Long stays in the Netherlands are possible as such:

  • employment: for foreign nationals who wish to work in the country and have obtained an employment contract with a Dutch employer.
  • highly skilled migrant: those New Zealanders who can be transferred as managers or specialists to a branch in the Netherlands.
  • study: individuals who have been admitted to a Dutch university; they can also explore the options for employment after they finish their studies.
  • investor: those who are able to make a minimum investment in the Netherlands can obtain the investor visa.
  • family members: when the partner has Dutch nationality or a Dutch residence permit, the spouse or long-term and exclusive partner can apply for a residence permit.

The documents needed to make the application for the residence permit will depend on the long-stay purpose. For detailed information about each situation, individuals can reach out to our Netherlands immigration agents.

While there are certain requirements that apply to all applicants, irrespective of the type of visa they request, certain foreign nationals can benefit from the existence of special treaties. The DAFT Treaty is in place for US nationals who are able to open a business in the Netherlands and make a minimum investment for this purpose. Other categories can also benefit and you can find out more from our team.

Conditions for staying in the Netherlands for New Zealand nationals

When applying for a residence permit, New Zealand nationals are not required to apply for a provisional residence permit (the MVV). Below, we present the main steps for obtaining a residence permit as an employee:

  1. obtaining the job: an individual can apply for a job in the Netherlands from New Zealand.
  2. the residence permit: if the job is obtained, the employer is the one to apply for the residence permit with the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND).
  3. application confirmation: once the application has been made, the first step is to receive a confirmation letter from the IND.
  4. decision: the IND issues a decision for the application within 90 days from its submission.
  5. collect the permit: the applicant will receive a date for which he can collect the residence permit; an online appointment is needed. 
  6. register with the municipality: an important step after arrival is to register with the municipality in which the applicant will live.

Taking out health insurance is another mandatory step for those who live in the Netherlands. One of our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can give applicants more details about the procedure and assist throughout the process. 

If Amsterdam is the city of choice, our local team of immigration lawyers Amsterdam can help you.

Living in the Netherlands as a New Zealand citizen is a suitable option for many who have found employment or business opportunities. However, the Netherlands also allows for dual citizenship, meaning that you can apply for citizenship in the Netherlands if you have been lawfully living in the country for at least five years. Our team can give you more details. 

Contact us for more details about immigrating to the Netherlands from New Zealand.