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Change of Purpose of Stay in the Netherlands

Change of Purpose of Stay in the Netherlands

There are many situations which make an immigrant in the Netherlandschange his/her purpose of stay. Some are humanitarian grounds, other refer to changes in the personal life of a person, such as a divorce or a modification of the labor status. These situations imply as well the modification of the residence permit in compliance with the new information provided on the purpose of stay in this country. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can give you relevant information on what action you have to take when you change your purpose of stay in the Netherlands

Main situations in which you may need to change your purpose of stay in the Netherlands

Frequently, immigrations to the Netherlands are grounded on relationships that develop between a Dutch citizen and a person from outside the borders of the country. The immigrant receives a residence permit in order to be able to live together with the spouse or with the life partner. However, when a divorce ends a relationship, or if the immigrant intends to move and stay with another person, this represents a change of the purpose of stay and must be notified to the authorities. 

Another situation refers to children who received their residence permits in the Netherlands so that they could live with their parents. However at some point children will intend to move or to settle with another person thus needing to apply for another residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you fill your application and guide you through the procedure of obtaining a residence permit suitable for your new purpose of stay in this country

Other cases of changes to the purpose of stay in the Netherlands 

According to the Dutch legislation, in some situations, when humanitarian rights are infringed, an immigrant must change his residence permit along with a change in his/her purpose of stay. If a person:

•    Was a victim of human trafficking;

•    Was victim of domestic or honor related violence;

•    Finds herself/himself in the impossibility of leaving the Netherlands on reasons which don’t depend on the person; 

•    Was receiving medical treatment and cannot leave the country;

then the person can apply for a residence permit on non-temporary humanitarian grounds. 

The application for the residence permit on non-temporary humanitarian grounds consists of the filling of a form provided by the IND and the payment of a tax which can vary from 51 euros (for a child) to 1000 euros for a person who becomes a worker in this country. This tax is necessary for the issuance of the new residence permit. Victims will need to attach to the application as well a statement from a witness, and will pay only 371 euros along with the application. 

Students who have graduated in the Netherlands, or obtained there a PhD title, and desire to start an enterprise in this country or find work in the Netherlands will have to change their residence permits in order to correspond to their new purpose of stay in this country. They can apply for a residence permit ‘orientation year highly educated persons’, a special residence permit issued by the Dutch authorities to guaduates of a higher education programme or to those who have performed scientific research in the Netherlands.

Don’t hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands if you changed your purpose of stay in Holland and you need specialized assistance for obtaining a new residence permit suitable to your new motive of stay in this country.