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Short-Stay Dutch Visa

Short-Stay Dutch Visa

Non-EU citizens who wish to visit the Netherlands should consider the conditions for a short-stay Dutch visa. This type of permit is available for 90 days and cannot be extended on demand, but you can apply for a long-stay visa in the Netherlands or a residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands is ready to offer suitable information about the Dutch short-stay visa and about the needed documents.

Requirements for a short-stay Dutch visa

Foreign citizens need to get information about the two types of short-stay visas to enter the Netherlands. The Dutch A-visa is available for a tourist who is only passing through the main airports in the Netherlands on their way to other countries. Non-EU citizens who wish to visit their friends or family members, who want to spend the vacation or to attend business meetings in the country must apply for a C-visa which is known as the Schengen visa. Certain conditions are mandatory when applying for a Dutch short-stay visa and we remind the following:

•    the candidate must offer details about his financial status for the entire visit in the Netherlands;
•    a medical insurance is necessary for a visit in the Netherlands, which needs to be also available for the Schengen area;
•    details about the purpose of the visit must be provided;
•    the passport and the identity card need  to be valid for at least one year;
•    the authorities will verify if the candidate has a clear criminal record or not.

As a reminder, people interested in obtaining a short-stay visa for the Netherlands need to apply at the consulate or embassy in the home country within three months before the visit to the Netherlands. Details in this matter can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands. In case you are interested in obtaining another type of Dutch Visa, for example the highly-skilled migrant visa or the DAFT visa, our lawyers can help you.

Foreign nationals interested not in a short term stay but in medium to long-term stays in the country will apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands that will suit this purpose of stay. The application documents and requirements will depend on their reason for relocating to the country, such as study or employment, proven with proper supporting documentation.

What you can and cannot do with a Dutch short-stay visa

After verifying the provided documents by the immigration officer in charge with your situation, and if everything is according to the rules and requirements, the candidate will receive the stamp in the passport, which is the needed visa or the permit to enter the Netherlands. Visitors who intend to stay more than three days in the country are obliged to report to the local police, but there are cases where the accommodation might take care of this mandatory issue. With a short-stay visa for the Netherlands people can legally work if the company you signed the contract with has prepared the documents for a work permit on your behalf.

Additional information and details about the short-stay Dutch visa can be found if you contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands. If you need details on other types of Dutch visas, such as the DAFT visa or highly-skilled migrant visa, we can help you.