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Extending the Period for Making a Decision in Netherlands

Extending the Period for Making a Decision in Netherlands

The decision period refers to the necessary time for your visa to be issued by the authorities in charge, in our case the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) who also deals with the residence permits for individuals who want to settle in the Netherlands. If the authorities consider a special time is necessary to issue your documents or applications, you will be informed about all the aspects. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can provide you with complete details about how to extend the period for making a decision regarding your Dutch visa or residence permit.

Extending the period for different types of application or the Netherlands

The basic visas to enter the Netherlands can be issued in approximately 15 working days, as for the residence permits, these can be processed in about 90 days or less. The IND will analyze your case, status, background and all kind of information before issuing the visa. Besides that, particular citizens from different countries need to consider the rules regarding the tuberculosis test, which is required when applying for a Dutch visa. Such test might solicit extra time, which is why the IND will extend the decision period by a maximum of 30 days for a short-stay visa. In some cases, persons forget to provide to the authorities all the necessary documents, therefore they may receive a two-week extra time until he/she meets the requirements with the IND. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will offer supervision and complete assistance if you want to immigrate to this country. They can help you obtain any type of Dutch visa, from investor visas to highly-skilled migrant visas.

If your application for a residence permit in Netherlands is subject to an extended decision period, our team will analyze your situation and give you details on the possible next steps. If the authorities issue and answer that compels you to provide additional information or supporting documents, our team will assist you in gathering these needed information and making a proper re-submission.

Naturalization and asylum applications in the Netherlands 

Numerous persons search for asylum in the Netherlands, for a better home and proper work and development conditions. The country has always encouraged and offered complete support for all people seeking asylum. There are particular conditions to consider when asking and applying for asylum, and the IND needs about six months for a statutory decision. If the asylum case is complicated or additional information needs to be added, the decision period can be extended with no more than one year. As for the people interested in obtaining the Dutch citizenship, people need to wait for the final decision for one year, with the possibility of extending the period for 6 months.

Contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands for further information and details regarding the extension of decision period related to Dutch visas and permits. Our team of lawyers can definitely help you obtain any type of visa, including the highly-skilled migrant visa.