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Immigrate to the Netherlands from New Zealand

Immigrate to the Netherlands from New Zealand

Because of the close economic and political connections between Netherlands and New Zealand, there are many schemes designed by the Dutch state in order to accommodate young people and workers from New Zealand who intend to immigrate to the Netherlands. If you are interested to know what are the most important documents you need to prepare before your departure and what are the Dutch regulations concerning relocation, you can ask our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, who can present you clearly the situation. 

How to obtain visa for Netherlands if you come from New Zealand 

If you come from New Zealand and intend to relocate in Netherlands you will have to check first what is the right visa type for you. Depending on the duration of your stay (less or more than 90 days), depending on the purpose of your travel, you might need to apply for a specific type of visa.

The applications for visa can be filed in New Zealand, so you don’t need to travel far away in order to obtain it. The required documents for the applications are a recently issued passport, photograph, a visa application form and an application fee. One of ours specialists in immigration in Netherlands are ready to give you all information concerning the procedure you need to follow in order to comply with the immigration law in Netherlands when you move in this country.

Have you been lawfully living in the country for at least five years? If you also meet the other applicable conditions for citizenship by naturalization, you can apply with your municipality and become a Dutch citizen. New Zealand nationals cannot keep their New Zealander nationality if they decide to apply for Dutch citizenship. We can give you more information on this upon request.

Advantages for young New Zealand people who work in Netherlands

Since there are many young people from New Zealand who come in Netherlands for work, the Dutch government introduced several special measures in order to support their initiative and facilitate their entrance and stay in this country. For up to one year spend in the Netherlands, New Zealand citizens aged between 18 and 30 years will only have to ensure a valid passport a medical insurance and a return ticket to their home country. Their visa will be issued without any need for a fee payment and moreover they will receive as well a work permit for the entire stay in the Netherlands.

Feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, who will give you details concerning your particular case and what requirements you need to comply with in order to move in Netherlands from New Zealand