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Expat Services in the Netherlands

Expat Services in the Netherlands

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who is specialized in offering expat services provides a wide array of services tailored to the needs of foreigners who are just starting their life in Holland.

The decision to move to the Netherlands to live, work or even study is one that will need a certain amount of personal planning and it is the result of a number of well-informed decisions. The help of an immigration lawyer in Netherlands can make the entire moving process run much smoother and seem a lot easier for the individual or family making the transition. 

We can help you with information about the needed steps and the required arrangements even before you move to the Netherlands – a thorough planning which is often recommended for all those interested in moving to a new country.

We offer a wide array of services according to the specific needs of the individual or family moving to the country. Because no two situations are the same, we strive to find the most suitable solutions that will allow for a fast and cost-effective relocation or moving process. The list below includes our top expat services in the Netherlands:

  • permit and visas services: we offer complete services related to obtaining visas and permits for work as well as long and short stays according to nationality. 
  • real estate services: this category refers to a broader range of services and can include real estate management in general, assistance for renting and purchasing a property, services for short stay arrangements, mortgages for expats and, in general, any type of activity related to buying or renting a property by a foreigner. 
  • tax services: navigating through the Dutch tax laws will be easier with the help of our immigration agents who specialize in all tax matters. Our advisors can provide you with the needed assistance to handle all tax matters correctly once you arrive in the country.
  • administrative services: these encompass a category of solutions that include issues like registering with the local municipality, signing up for health insurance and dealing with various services providers once you arrive in the country. Although the Dutch are highly fluent in English, our agents can help you in all communications with various providers and with the authorities if you are not speaking the language yet.

When moving to the Netherlands, you may find that many relocation agencies and moving companies offer complete services for transport and logistics; however, working with our dedicated team can save you time and will also allow for a straightforward process when you have our help to coordinate the moving services. 

Not every expat coming to the Netherlands needs to obtain a visa, however, in general, when coming from outside the EU you will need to obtain certain documents from an Embassy, Consulate or Diplomatic Mission in your home country. By talking to our team, you will have a clear idea of the processes that need to be handled while you are still at home. The residence permit in Netherlands is mandatory for prolonged stays in the country.

Our expat tax services are tailored to the needs of investors and employees alike. We can help you understand the principles for individual and corporate taxation and we also offer complete guidance on the tax matters for those expats who are planning on moving to the Netherlands based on the golden visa residence program. Other related services can refer to those having to do with understanding the pension system, with which our team can also help you.

Expats who are interested in knowing how or if they are eligible for Dutch citizenship can reach out to us.

Permits services for expats in the Netherlands

Foreign nationals who wish to move to the Netherlands are required to apply for residence and/or work permits. The requirements will differ according to nationality, this is why it is recommended to request the help provided by one of our lawyers specialized in offering expat services in the Netherlands.

Our experts can provide you with a complete list of the required residence or work permit documents and can help you submit the application with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

One special manner in which entrepreneurs can move to the country is if they decide to live and invest in the Netherlands. This is the golden visa or the residency by investment option where foreign investors, referred to as high net worth individuals, can receive a twelve-month residence permit in Netherlands when they make investments of a certain amount and also comply with the other existing criteria. Some of the most important notions about this type of permit include the following: make an investment of a minimum of 1,250,000 € in a Dutch-based company or in a fund, as approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The investment needs to be assessed and approved and the main condition is that the said investment will bring an added value to the country’s economy.

Housing services in the Netherlands

When someone decides to live in the Netherlands, he will also have to consider another important decision: finding a house for rent or purchase. The Netherlands has a developed housing market and expats can choose from a number of types of accommodation. Large cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam will have higher prices and you will sometimes start the search even before you arrive in the country. This is why having personalized help can be of great importance. One of our agents can help you with complete real estate rental and purchase services, once you choose a location and have a clear idea of your housing needs in the Netherlands. We can help you with information about the laws on renting the property as well as help you with property management or finding expat-friendly agencies and real estate brokers.

Our lawyers specialized in offering expat services in the Netherlands can help you find permanent or temporary accommodation in any of the Dutch cities.

Administration services

The administration services we provide encompass miscellaneous activities like registering with the municipality in the area where you are located, handling the paperwork for renting a house and the subsequent contracts for water, gas, electricity, internet or television subscriptions.

Other services can include those related to schooling. Many families choose to relocate to the Netherlands because of the high quality of life and this means that you will also need to include an additional step within the moving arrangements: finding a suitable school or kindergarten. There are plenty of options to choose from and you may want to look for an international or private school. We can help you with information on the education system in general as well as the steps you need to take in order to enroll your child and make the transition as smooth as possible for him. Additionally, we can also provide expats with details about Dutch learning courses for adults and children alike.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlandscan help you communicate with the local authorities in any of these matters.

Tax services

Expats in the Netherlands can use the expertise and services provided by a tax expert when they first arrive in the country. Our consultants can help you understand the progressive individual taxation system and can help you with tax advice and planning. Individuals who receive remuneration in the Netherlands or derive any other type of income from the country are required to fill in and submit two forms to the tax authorities: the C-Form and the M form (filed in the year of the move). In order to avoid any mistakes when filling in the forms yourself, you can ask one of our experts for help.

The Netherlands has a 30% ruling scheme in place for highly qualified foreign workers. This means that the employer receives back 30% of the expenses incurred for that employee which are then forwarded to the employee in question. This percentage should be sufficient to cover the expenses related to having to rent a home and sustain oneself while working in the country. We can provide counseling on this matter so that you can better understand your rights as a foreign employee in the country.

Insurance in the Netherlands

When moving to another country it is important to consider getting life insurance. Our lawyers can help you find a suitable life insurance policy and conclude a health insurance and a house or liability insurance, as needed for your stay in the country and the type of work that you do.

Mortgage services

Expats in the Netherlands can apply for a mortgage and this can be a suitable solution in some cases. If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands and are planning to buy a home, our experts can advise you on the most suitable mortgage plans.

Contact our lawyers specialized in offering expat services in the Netherlands for more information about the services we provide for expats. We offer services to those who are just moving to the country as well as those who have been living here and are ready to apply for Dutch citizenship. We can help you make the Netherlands your new home.