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Relocate to the Netherlands from Slovakia

Relocate to the Netherlands from Slovakia

As Slovakia is a part of the European Union it benefits of the mobility agreements signed between its member states. As such, a citizen from Slovakia who intends to travel to the Netherlands will be able to stay in this country without applying for a visa. Only the authorization for permanent residence in the Netherlands requires an application through the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands is ready to explain to you what are the documents you need to prepare and how to submit them to the authorities, so that your relocation in the Netherlands to be approved. 

What documents to prepare for relocating to the Netherlands from Slovakia?

When you have a job offer in the Netherlands or you want to reunite with your family in this country you need to prepare the documentation for a long stay permit. You will definitely need to prove your identity so you must be able to provide your passport and birth certificate. Your legal status is also important for the application so if you are married you have to include the marriage certificate as well.

In order to prove that you will integrate in the Dutch society and that you will have enough income to sustain yourself, you can provide as well the employment letter containing your job offer, a tenancy agreement if you already have a place to live in the Netherlands, and any other additional documents that may support your application.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can give you more tips on what is advisable to include in an application for a Dutch residence permit, if you want to relocate from Slovakia in a Dutch city.  

What to do first when you relocate to the Netherlands from Slovakia?

Even if you have a job in another Dutch city, you still need to register with the town hall from the place where you have your residence in the Netherlands. This registration must be performed in two weeks from your arrival in the Netherlands.

Apart from finding a good home and a suitable job in order to comply with the Dutch standards of life, you might also need to look for a good health insurance in this country. Not only the medical insurance is mandatory for anyone who stays in the Netherlands, but this is also an efficient way to protect yourself from increased stress during unexpected events.

Do you want to apply for Dutch citizenship by naturalization? You should know that this means you will automatically lose your Slovak nationality. the naturalization process is one that takes into account the applicant’s lawful stay in the country (at least 5 years), as well as his or her civic integration in the country, which is verified through a special examination.

Feel free to contact one of our experts, who just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands will help you organize the legal aspects of your relocation from Slovakia