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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Ukraine

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Ukraine

Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands from Ukraine benefit from a special entry regime.

Following the deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine, the Netherlands has implemented a number of measures destined to ease the entry of Ukrainian refugees. Countries across Europe have taken similar measures.

Our Dutch immigration lawyer is able to answer all of your questions if you are still in Ukraine and are able to safely leave the country to come to the Netherlands.

If you have already arrived in the Netherlands, our team can assist you with the post-arrival procedures. Read below to find out more about the current policies.

Special entry regime for Ukrainian nationals

Our team lists the main measures taken by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for those who travel from Ukraine to the Netherlands:

  • free travel with a biometric passport: Ukrainian nationals can remain in the country without a residence permit for 90 days during the visa exempt-term;
  • emergency reception centers: those who do not have accommodation secured in the country can request assistance at local centers opened by a number of Dutch councils;
  • medical care: this is available to Ukrainian nationals in need of emergency medical care who do not have insurance yet;
  • others: assistance is being provided by the Dutch authorities for those who wish to return to Ukraine but are non-Ukrainians.

Any Ukrainian nationals or non-Ukrainians with a Ukrainian residence permit will be subject to a reception by a local council.

The Temporary Protection Directive for Ukraine

The special conditions for entering the Netherlands described above apply under the EU Temporary Protection Directive for Ukraine.

The following categories of individuals are covered and are subject to conditions:

  1. Ukrainian nationals who left the country after 26 November 2021 or before 27 November 2021;
  2. individuals without Ukrainian nationality who on 23 February 2022 were recognized refugees or had a valid Ukrainian residence permit;
  3. those who lived in Ukraine as a family member of an individual who is subject to one of the situations above;
  4. the special sticker that serves as proof of residency provided under the Directive is valid from 4 March 2022 to 4 March 2023;
  5. those who fall under one of the categories mentioned above will need to go in person to the local town hall in order to register in the Personal Records Database.

Our team is ready to assist you as soon as you arrive in the country. For those who have arrived in the Netherlands without their documents, proof of nationality can be obtained from the Ukrainian embassy (subject to certain conditions).

Please feel free to contact us as needed to find out more about the documents you need and the registration with the local town hall.

Relocating to the Netherlands

For many refugees who immigrate to the Netherlands from Ukraine, remaining in the country can be a safe option and one that will allow them to access a number of employment opportunities, according to their qualifications.

Under the Directive, Ukrainians can work in the Netherlands without a work permit, however, they will need to have a valid employment contract with a Dutch employer and be registered in the Personal Records Database, as previously mentioned.

In general, staying as a foreign national in the Netherlands is possible with a residence permit that suits the purpose of the stay, be it employment, investment, or study. 

Our team can answer your questions if you have entered the country under the Temporary Protection Directive and wish to remain here and are interested in how to immigrate to the Netherlands from Ukraine.

Contact us as soon as you arrive or as soon as you are safely able to in order to receive more information about relocation to the Netherlands.

Ukrainian nationals can find out more about their options to remain in the Netherlands from our team. We are able to answer any questions concerning your relocation, no matter if you have come to the country on your own or with your family. Moreover, we can also give you details about your long-term options to remain here, including the conditions for citizenship in the Netherlands.

Other foreign nationals can also reach out to our team for information about the types of residence permits, how to apply, and the documents you need according to the permit type. As needed, we offer assistance during the application process, and we guide applicants in preparing the needed documents. If, in addition to a residence permit in the Netherlands you will also need an MVV authorization for your stay, our team will give you more details.

Our team also assists other foreign nationals who wish to relocate to the Netherlands. Under the DAFT visa, a US national is able to remain in the country for two years (and renew the right to stay) based on making a minimum business investment or based on being able to practice an independent profession. Our team can give you more details if you are an American citizen and we can help you apply.