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Return Visas to Re-enter the Netherlands

Return Visas to Re-enter the Netherlands

Individuals who are established in the Netherlands and want to travel abroad will need a re-entry visa to come back in the country, especially if the Dutch visa expires while they are outside the Netherlands. In such matter, you will need assistance and guidance from our experts in immigration in the Netherlands.

Details about the Dutch return visa

If the Dutch residence permit is about to expire while you are outside the Netherlands, you are expecting approvals related the extension of a visa or for a replaced or stolen permit, you should know that a return visa to enter the Netherlands is mandatory. This type of visa will let a citizen enter back into the Netherlands without an available residence permit. If you have an important purpose (marriage, business, the death of a family member) which makes you leave the Netherlands without waiting for the new residence permit, you can apply for a return Dutch visa. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands is able to offer you the needed assistance and information if you want to apply for a return visa to re-enter the Netherlands.

For other types of visas, such as the highly-skilled migrant visaor the DAFT visa, please get in touch with our team.

Necessary documents for a return visa to enter the Netherlands

The IND is in charge of issuing the return Dutch visa and these are the important documents you need to provide to the immigration office in the country if you want to apply for a return visa to enter the Netherlands:

•    the valid passport;
•    the available identification document;
•    the present residence permit for the Netherlands;
•    the police report if your residence permit has been stolen or lost;
•    suitable documents which provide your urgency to leave the Netherlands;
•    the appointment code for the immigration office.

One should know that this type of visa is available for 3 months but exceptions may apply for students if they travel for education purposes, therefore, the visa will be available for six months. As a reminder, our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can provide you with suitable guidance.

For information on different matters, such as residency in Netherlands for employment purposes, our team will give you details depending on your situation (employment with a Dutch company, intra-company transfer, research activities, etc.). You can rely on our assistance as soon as the pre-application phase, for complete information on the current requirements for applicants.

We invite you to contact our team of representatives in immigration in the Netherlands for extra information and details about the return visa to re-enter the Netherlands or for details on other types of Dutch visas, such as the highly-skilled migrant visa or the DAFT visa, a special type of visa based on the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty.