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Sham Marriage Prevention in the Netherlands

Sham Marriage Prevention in the Netherlands

Individuals who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands have the option to acquire residency through marriage with a Dutch citizen. This practice also leads to sham marriages, the union simply for the benefits of the residency permit. 

The Dutch Government has been analyzing marriages between a Dutch and foreign citizen more closely in order to reduce the rate of sham marriages. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you understand the conditions under which residency through marriage is considered legal and what you can do to observe the ongoing conditions.

How are sham marriages treated in the Netherlands? 

Sham marriages are illegal in the Netherlands and individuals who enter into this type of marriage are committing a criminal offense through the fact that they are providing false information. The applicable punishments are the following:

  • fines: applicable to the resident partner and in some case a prison sentence;
  • no residence right: this is applicable to the migrant and he/she will lose the right to reside in the country.
  • revocation: the residence permit belonging to the foreign national entering this type of relationship is revoked.

How are marriages between a Dutch and a foreign national investigated in the Netherlands? 

The Dutch Government plans on making more thorough investigations of marriages with a foreign national in the Netherlands. When two individuals are suspected of this type of illegal arrangement, they are to be interviewed separately and the authorities will analyze the case based on their separate answers. One of our agents who works like a Dutch immigration lawyer can provide counseling in these types of cases.

The investigation is performed by the Immigration and the Naturalization Service together with the Public Prosecution Service and the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate as well as the Repatriation and Departure Service and other relevant authorities. 

Sham marriages are associated with various types of criminal activity and other issues, this is why those interested in Netherlands immigration should closely consider when immigration through marriage might raise unnecessary questions. You can always contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands to find out more about the ways in which you may legally reside in the country.