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Housing Services for Expats in the Netherlands

Housing Services for Expats in the Netherlands

Having a place to stay is one of the most important aspects of immigrating to the Netherlands. Finding a new home in the Netherlands can be a very time consuming task, especially since all media are Dutch only. Your accommodation needs can be fulfilled by turning to housing services for expats in the Netherlands. Our our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can help you find a suitable house or apartment.  

The advantages of housing services for expats, presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands 

One of the first things to consider when immigrating to the Netherlands is renting a property or buying a house in a city of your choice. Finding a home is a necessary step and can be easily accomplished by using housing services for expats in the Netherlands. The main advantages of this kind of services are the following:

•    You can easily finish the procedure of registering with a Dutch municipality if you can provide an address for your stay in the Netherlands;
•    You can access an extensive knowledge of the Dutch real estate market and a wide network of landlords, real estate agents and relocators;
•    You get instant access to all available rentals in any desired location, on both short or long term;
•    Benefit from additional services such as finding a job, obtaining a work permit or financial planning;
•    Have easy access to apartment and house viewing, deal rent requests in English and keep you informed about any property which comes on the market.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands provide expats with a wide range of services, complete and adapted to their needs.

Types of housing services in the Netherlands

Housing services for expats in the Netherlands usually consist of:

•    Home search services – you provide a Dutch immigration specialist with your accommodation requests and he/she narrows the housing selection to match your criteria. You will be given additional information related to accommodation: property prices and availability, transportation, safety and education of your desired location;
•    Viewings and lease negotiation – the property is analyzed for potential risks and a price negotiation is conducted with the landlord. Aspects such as the quality and maintenance of the property and its surroundings are taken into consideration.

If you need a place to stay in the Netherlands and want help finding a property and signing a lease contract, please contact our experts in immigration in Netherlands.