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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Bangladesh

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Bangladesh

According to the Aliens Law, in order to travel to the Netherlands a person from Bangladesh will require a visa, both for a stay under three months and a longer stay. There is an exception for refugees who already have a travel document issued by one of the countries of the European Union. If you come from Bangladesh and you want to move to Netherlands, in order to study or work, you can rely on the assistance provided by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, who can explain to you what papers you need to provide and what authorities you need to address in order to obtain an approval of stay. 

Applying for a long stay visa and residence permit through a Dutch embassy

If you intend to immigrate to the Netherlands and stay there for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a long-stay visa and a residence permit. In order to obtain them, you must make an appointment at a Dutch embassy in Bangladesh where you must submit an application. Even if you can make the application to the Dutch authorities from home, you will have to collect your residence permit in the Netherlands. This is why you will also need to apply for a long-stay visa, also named authorization for temporary stay (MVV). Regardless whether your intention is to study in the Netherlands or get employed, the MVV is mandatory before you enter the Dutch territory. The long stay visa will be attached to your passport after you provide to the local Dutch consulate all the required documents along with the payment of the visa fee.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you prepare your application and indicate to you what steps need to be done for obtaining a visa for the Netherlands.  

Apply for long stay visa and residence permit in the Netherlands through a sponsor

Another method to obtain a MVV and a residence permit in the Netherlands is through the application of a sponsor, who can be either a family member naturalized in the Netherlands or an employer. It is advisable for nationals of Bangladesh who intend to find work in the Netherlands to obtain a job offer before traveling to this country. 

The family member or employer can submit an application through the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), the Dutch authority which receives, and processes the applications. After IND analyzes the application, it sends to the Dutch sponsor a notification with further instructions on how the Bangladesh citizen can collect his/her MVV sticker from the Dutch embassy.

Don’t hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands for further instructions on the legal procedures which have to be followed by Bangladeshi citizens who wish to move to the Netherlands