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Immigrate to the Netherlands: General Conditions

Immigrate to the Netherlands: General Conditions

Citizens from EU (European Union) and non-EU countries who want to immigrate to the Netherlands need to understand and to get familiarized with the Dutch immigration rules and regulations regarding the visas to enter the country. There are particular conditions to consider when deciding to immigrate to the Netherlands, which is why you need to solicit complete guidance and information in this matter from our immigration lawyer in Netherlands.

Apply for a Dutch short-visa

Non-EU persons who want to enter the Netherlands and to visit the country for business or leisure need to apply for a C-visa type, also known as the Schengen visa, an important document that comes with significant requirements like the following:

•    the applicant must provide details about his/her financial situation;
•    the candidate needs to hold a valid passport and other identification documents;
•    a medical insurance is necessary when applying for a Dutch short-stay visa;
•    an individual might be asked about the purpose of his/her stay in the Netherlands.

We remind that with a Dutch short-stay visa comes the stamp on your passport, and if you intend to stay longer in the Netherlands, the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) will grant you a residence permit, if you fulfill the requirements in this matter. Companies in the Netherlands who want to hire staff from overseas can take care of the needed visa and work permit so that individuals can legally work there.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will provide you with complete information and details if you want to apply for a short-stay visa.

Apply for a Dutch long-term entry visa

This kind of visa is available and also recommended for people who want to travel, study and live in the Netherlands in the long term. A long-term entry visa in the Netherlands comes with the permanent residence permit which is issued by the IND, at the same time with the long-term entry visa with a 90-day validity. The non-EU and EEA (European Economic Area) individuals who intend to establish themselves in the Netherlands for different reasons have the possibility to apply for a visa on long-term, compared to EU citizens who have no restrictions when entering the Netherlands.

The importance of the Schengen visa

The Netherlands immigration encountered a significant growth in the last decade, and all kinds of people decide to choose a better life, education, and accomplishments in a country that put the accent on such attributes. A Schengen visa can be obtained if you apply at the Dutch consulate or embassy in your home country and it is available in the entire Schengen area for 90 days, with an 180 timeframe with the possibility to extend it. Numerous benefits come with the Schengen visa, such as multiple entries in numerous Schengen countries, and no border control.

Becoming a Dutch citizen is possible in one of three ways: automatically, at birth, or by descent (the acknowledgment or parentage option), through the option procedure, or through the naturalization procedure. While the first two routes are not available to any applicant, obtaining Dutch citizenship by naturalization is possible for qualifying foreign nationals irrespective of their descent. 

Additional information about how to obtain a Dutch visa can be found if you contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands.