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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia

Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia can do so based on a resident’s permit that suits their reasons for the relocation.

The rules for immigration depend not only on nationality but are largely affected by the purpose of the stay. Students will be required to provide a different set of documents, compared to employees, for example.

Our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can help you apply for a residence permit if you are looking to relocate from Russia.

We advise interested Russian nationals to reach out to our experts as soon as they decide to move to the Netherlands so that our team can provide complete assistance according to their purpose of stay.

Types of Dutch residence permits

The goal of many individuals who immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia is to obtain permanent residence.

This is possible after a minimum number of years lawfully spend in the country, while renewing the existing residence permit and maintaining or changing its purpose, as needed.

Below, our team of Dutch immigration specialists lists the main types of temporary residence permits available to Russian nationals:

  1. Employment: Russian nationals can apply for a highly skilled migrant permit or as a regular employee with a Dutch company; intra-company transfer permits and researcher permits are available;
  2. Investment: for entrepreneurs who are able to invest a minimum amount in a Dutch company or fund;
  3. Study: for Russian nationals who were admitted to a Dutch university or another educational institution; examples include Leiden University or the University of Amsterdam;
  4. Family reunification: if the applicant’s partner is already living in the Netherlands or another family member is a Dutch permanent resident.

Special conditions apply in case of the investment residence permit. We list some of these below:

  • the minimum investment amount is €1,250,000;
  • the investment brings added value to the Dutch economy;
  • 10 jobs will be created by the investment within 5 years;
  • the capital for the investment is obtained through legitimate means;
  • the application fee of € 2.331 is observed.

Our team can give you more details about the requirements for each of the aforementioned residence permit types. 

Essential steps for those who immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia

Russian citizens entering the Netherlands for more than 90 days are required to apply for a provisional residence permit (mvv). This is the case in most situations, however, exemptions apply for Russian citizens who:

  • apply for a residence permit for a start-up;
  • have a valid residence permit for another Schengen state;
  • have had a valid European blue card for at least 18 months;
  • will live in the country with a family member of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

The mvv can be applied for:

  1. at the same time you submit the application for the residence permit; this is done under the Entry and Residence application;
  2. a Sponsor can apply for the mvv and the residence permit on your behalf; this can often be the case;
  3. you can apply for the mvv yourself if you do not have a Sponsor, however, this is done with the Dutch embassy or consulate in Russia;
  4. with a valid passport and by signing an antecedents certificate that offers information about the criminal record.

Please keep in mind that the situations above are only briefly listed by our team. We can also give you details on special and individual situations that may apply given your applicable status or situations in Russia.

If you are a Russian national already living in the Netherlands, we can help you apply for a renewal of the residence permit or for citizenship, as may be the case.

Russian citizens who have already been living in the Netherlands will be interested in submitting an application for citizenship once they have completed the minimum lawful stay of five years. Gaining Dutch citizenship can bring certain advantages, and it is surely an option to consider for Russians who have relocated here for work or investment purposes. Our team can assist you.

Contact us for more information about how to immigrate to the Netherlands from Russia.

If you are a US national planning on moving to the Netherlands, then the DAFT Treaty can represent an advantage for your relocation. This special agreement allows American citizens to reside in the Netherlands provide that they are able to make a minimum business investment or work as freelancers. Our team can give you more details about the conditions and the application process. 

We assist all foreign nationals who are interested in applying for residency in the Netherlands, whether for short or medium to long-term purposes. If you are not a Russian national, but are interested in knowing more about the types of residence permits for work or study, or those for family members and partners, you can reach out to our team. We can assist throughout the residency application process.