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Expat Tax Services in the Netherlands

Expat Tax Services in the Netherlands

If you immigrate to the Netherlands and you work in this country you may profit of the wide variety of tax incentives offered by the Dutch government. Most of the investors as well as people who have obtained a job in the Netherlands require a professional advisor in order to find out where and how to apply for a tax refund.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you with expat tax services in this country, from helping you apply for a tax refund to filing the fiscal declaration in this country.  

Expat tax services offered by our experts in immigration in Netherlands

Even though there are many taxes which apply to start-ups in the Netherlands and to natural persons, foreign investors as well as foreign employees benefit from several privileges intended to encourage foreigners to integrate faster in the work market of this country. As such, most of the amount spend on taxes can be recovered by applying for refunds and subsidies. It is important to know that in order to take advantage of these refunds, expats need to apply for them, by filing various tax forms which are in Dutch language and can have a lot of sections to fill in (for example, the M-form has 43 pages). Therefore the process can be a very complicated and exhaustive one. Our consultants are experienced in helping expats apply for tax refunds and subsidies. They can offer the following tax services:

  • Yearly tax return for the income tax;
  • Tax refunds for mortgage;·        
  •  Migration tax return
  • Advice on how to apply for the 30% ruling (a Dutch tax facility which applies to foreign employees who work in the Netherlands and pay Dutch taxes);
  • Deductions for the payments of childcare and child benefits.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you make use of the advantageous policy of the Dutch state in matters of taxation and can apply in a personalized manner the legislation concerning foreign people working in this country. 

The role of expat tax services

Your stay in the Netherlands and your financial status can be significantly influenced by your choice to employ expat tax services. Many investors recover from the taxed money several thousands of Euros which can make a difference in your profit balance. And many employees can become informed on the advantages provided by the state and can benefit from the 30% ruling. 

By employing our expat tax services in Netherlands you can also save time for other activities, instead of carefully following the governmental programs and policies which can be issued periodically in the taxation system. A professional expat tax service is a guarantee that you will recover as much as possible under the law in force at a certain moment of the year. 

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants who just like any Dutch immigration lawyer can help you profit as much as possible from the friendly tax policy in the Netherlands.