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A Guide on Civic Integration Exam

A Guide on Civic Integration Exam

In order to obtain a Dutch residence permit or apply for Dutch citizenship, most migrants from outside the European Union have to take the civic integration exam. This is meant to ensure migrants to the Netherlands have a basic understanding of the Dutch culture and language. The guide on civic integration exam contains five sections with questions concerning Dutch customs and laws. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlandscan explain to you which are the conditions for taking a civic integration exam.  

How to take the Dutch civic integration exam?

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands and live there with your partner or spouse or you are a spiritual counselor, you need to sit the civic integration exam.  This exam has to be taken in your country where you live or the country of continuous residence, at a Dutch embassy or consulate. This is also the place where you collect your sticker for the provisional residence permit (MVV). There are special situations (physical or mental circumstances) when you can be granted an exemption from taking the civic integration exam.

The cost for taking the civic integration exam is EUR 150. You can prepare yourself for the exam by purchasing the self-study pack available at any Dutch representation. A digital registration form has to be filed in order to register for the civic integration examination abroad. The result of the exam will be available within 8 weeks and it will be sent to you via email, through a PDF file you can later attach to your application for the MVV

In case you fail to pass the civic integration exam, you will have to register again and pay the costs one more time. The civic integration examination is valid for one year, since the date when it was issued. If you do not apply for MVV within this year, you have to take the examination again. Our experts in immigration in the Netherlands can give you extensive details about the procedure of civic integration examination.

Structure of the Dutch civic integration exam

Any foreigner who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands needs to have basic knowledge about the Dutch customs and legislation. The civic integration exam is aimed at ensuring migrants have a basic understanding of Dutch language and culture.  There are five sections within the civic integration exam.

These include the following:

•    Knowledge of Dutch society;
•    Speaking competence;
•    Reading competence;
•    Listening competence;
•    Writing competence.

There are also two levels of examinations of migrants to the Netherlands. Newcomers are tested on all the five sections at an A2 level. Those who have been living in the Netherlands for a while are allowed to take the civic integration exam at an A1 level. You can find out if you are considered a newcomer or not at the municipality where you have registered after arriving in the Netherlands.

Becoming a Dutch national is a process that involves several steps, and for which the civic integration examination described herein is very important. Our team can give you more details on the process of acquiring citizenship in the Netherlands, as well as the advantages of becoming a Dutch national. If you have been living in the country for five years, you can reach out to us for information on how you can start your application.

We kindly invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands if you need help in preparing for the civic integration exam.