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Immigrate to Netherlands from Japan

Immigrate to Netherlands from Japan

Foreign nationals who wish to remain in the Netherlands for long periods of time, compatible with the purpose to work or study in the country, will need to apply for a residence permit that suits their needs. In order to immigrate to Netherlands from Japan, the Japanese national will need to obtain a residence permit.
In this article, our team of Netherlands immigration experts outlines the main process followed by those who relocate to Netherlands from Japan.
The process can differ according to the purpose of the stay. Do keep in mind that the details offered herein should be used for informational purposes only. Japanese nationals who need personalized advice can reach out to our team.

 Quick Facts  
  Entry visa requirement
(from EU) 


Entry visa requirement
(outside EU)


Types of visas available

 Short-stay visa (maximum 90 days in a 180-day period)
Long-stay visa depending on purpose (study, work, business or family reunification)
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)  

2 weeks when the employer is a recognized sponsor

Validity of temporary residence permit maximum 5 years; usually depending on the work contract or study duration
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

the decision time can be around 6 months

Investor Visa Availability 


Sponsorship requirement  YES 
Time frame for obtaining citizenship 5 consecutive years 
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability Residency by investment; citizenship can be obtained through naturalization
Tax benefits for expats A 30% tax exemption for employees, under certain conditions

Obtain a visa to move to Netherlands from Japan

Japanese citizens benefit from a somewhat simplified manner of entering the Netherlands due to the fact that, unlike other non-EU foreign nationals, they do not need a long-stay visa (the MVV). However, they will need to apply for a temporary residence permit that will suit their purpose of stay. The following situations are common for those who plan to immigrate to Netherlands from Japan:

  • Employment: a residence permit is needed for working in paid employment in the Netherlands; Japanese nationals can also apply for working in a high-level position, as a highly skilled migrant;
  • Study: Japanese nationals admitted by a Dutch University or another educational institution remain in the country based on a residence permit for study purposes;
  • Entrepreneurship: for Japanese nationals who can contribute to the Dutch economy by starting a business; the Netherlands Enterprise Agency is in charge of the programmes designed for foreign entrepreneurs; this can be a suitable way to immigrate to Netherlands from Japan;
  • Family reunification: when one of the spouses already lives in the Netherlands, the other spouse, who is a Japanese national can apply for a residence permit; the scheme also extends to some family members.

The reason for which you choose to move to Netherlands from Japan will determine the documents that are required for the residence permit application. Our team can help you gather the needed documents and prepare them as instructed by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service.

If your purpose is to immigrate to Netherlands from Japan, then a temporary stay will not suffice. You will need to become a permanent resident and, if desired, apply for Dutch citizenship once you fulfill the conditions for a minimum lawful stay in the country.

Become a permanent resident

Permanent residence is obtained after a five-year stay in the country. This is often the goal for those who wish to relocate to Netherlands from Japan and it is also a natural step towards becoming a Dutch citizen, provided that the Japanese national wishes to take this step.

The conditions for obtaining permanent residence are the following:

  1. Minimum stay: the applicant must have had a lawful, uninterrupted stay in the country for at least 5 years before applying for the permanent residence permit;
  2. Registration: the Japanese national applying for Dutch permanent residence needs to be registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database;
  3. Means: one must prove that he/she has sufficient financial means (sustainable and independent income);
  4. Integration: civic integration is required; this is shown through a diploma attesting the fact that the holder can speak, read and write and understand Dutch to a satisfactory degree;
  5. Others: the applicant must also show the temporary residence permit when applying for the permanent one.

Japanese nationals who wish to immigrate to Netherlands from Japan should know that they are subject to a number of costs, according to the residence permit they apply for. Some of these costs include the following:

  • Highly skilled migrant: ​​€ 345;
  • Self-employed individual (first application): ​​€ 1446;
  • Permanent residence permit: € 207;
  • Permanent residence permit for minor children: € 69.

Other costs will also be in place, such as those for preparing certain documents, especially for entrepreneurs who open a Dutch company.

Please keep in mind that the costs listed above can be subject to change. We advise those interested to reach out to one of our immigration specialists in order to receive updated information.

If you want to know more about how to immigrate to Netherlands from Japancontact our team of immigration experts.

Japanese and US nationals have access to treaties that allow them access to particular conditions for remaining in the Netherlands. Under the DAFT Treaty signed between the United States and the Netherlands, an American citizen can start a business or practice and independent profession and reside in the country for a couple of years. Our team can give you more details. 

Japanese citizens who have been living in the Netherlands for five years or more can start their application for obtaining Dutch citizenship with our help. In order to be eligible, one will also need to show proof of sufficient language knowledge, as well as meet other important criteria. The entire processing of the application can sometimes last several months or a year.

We assist foreign nationals from Japan, the US, the UK, as well as many other countries who wish to relocate to the Netherlands for the purpose of study, employment, or for starting a business.

Acquiring permanent residency in the Netherlands is the main focus of many foreign nationals who arrive to the country. If you are in the Netherlands for work or study purposes, or are reuniting with a partner or family member who is already a permanent resident or citizen, our team can give you more details on how you can apply for a residence permit yourself.