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How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippines

How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippines

Filipino citizens who move to the Netherlands benefit from a high quality of life, plenty of job opportunities as well as easy access to many European countries. Individuals who are considering this important step have a set of issues to handle before leaving the Philippines and the process starts with applying for the right type of visa to be able to enter the Netherlands.

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippines, you may solicit information and assistance from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands. We provide complete services for applicants from the Philippines but you can receive details and guidelines irrespective of nationality if you want to immigrate to the Netherlands or obtain Dutch citizenship.

How apply for a Schengen visa as a Filipino citizen?

If you want to immigrate from the Philippines to the Netherlands it is recommended to understand the rules and the regulations related to the needed visa and other important documents which will be obtained soon after you settle in the country. Our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands can offer assistance when preparing the documents and can explain the entire procedure. It is good to know that citizens from the Philippines should apply for a Dutch visa within 30 days before the visit to the Netherlands and these documents need to the prepared:

•    you need to provide an available passport with two empty pages for a visa;
•    you need to fill the application form;
•    you need to have a photo according to the Dutch conditions;
•    you must pay the visa tax;
•    you need to offer some bank statements to verify if you can financially support yourself during your stay in the Netherlands;
•    you must have medical insurance.

If a Filipino citizen wants to travel to the Netherlands with a child under 18 years old, he must fill a different application form which needs to be signed by both parents. The consent of both parents is also mandatory before traveling to the Netherlands. The immigration officer from theNetherlands embassy in Manila will analyze your file and request and will provide you with a response in about 30 days. Our immigration lawyer in theNetherlands specialized in applications from the Philippines can provide you with suitable assistance and guidelines according to your particular needs and whether or not you have begun the pre-immigration procedures, such as searching for accommodation in the Netherlands and submitting CVs for finding a workplace. When discussing with our agents it is important to highlight the main aspects regarding your decision to immigrate as well as how you plan on living in the Netherlands. Those Filipino citizens traveling with their families can also give us details about the family members they wish to relocate to the Netherlands so that we may provide specific information according to their particular needs (included here are essential information about schooling, kindergarten options, nursery services, and others).

If you are not a Filipino national but wish to apply for a residence permit in Netherlands, our team will assist you irrespective of your nationality. We will provide you with pre-application details (i.e., if you require an MVV permit or not), and will give you information about the needed, mandatory residence permit application documents. Reach out to us as needed for assistance. In case you need other types of services, for example company incorporation services in the  Philippines, we can put you in touch with our partners – CompanyFormationPhilippines.com.

What are the conditions for working in the Netherlands for Filipino residents?

Filipino residents will need to obtain a work permit in the Netherlands and this will also allow them to apply for a residence permit. In most cases, immigrants from the Philippines will be given a temporary residence permit which will be applied for by the employer. There are a few situations in which this temporary permit is not required:

  • Start-ups: when the individual is applying for a residence permit for opening a start-up in the Netherlands;
  • Another residence permit: for a different Schengen country and the applicant also has a recognized sponsor in the Netherlands; in this case, the family does not need to apply for the temporary residence permit.
  • European blue card: the applicant has had a valid Blue Card for at least 18 months issued by another participating EU or EEA country.

If you are a Filipino applicant that has been living in the EU or otherwise complies with these exemptions from a temporary residence permit in Netherlands, you should reach out to our Netherlands immigration agents for more information.

In most cases, the application is submitted by the employer, however, the Filipino immigrant can apply for the work permit himself. After the temporary residence permit is issued, the applicant can travel to the Netherlands and will have 90 days to make the applications needed to obtain the permanent permits.

The first step after arriving in the Netherlands is to register with the Municipal Personal Records Database in the area where the residence is located. The registration application is accompanied by a translated and legalized copy of the birth certificate and we recommend to handle this step while still in the Philippines.

The tuberculosis test, a precondition for applying for a work and residence permit, is taken at the Area Health Authority within three months of receiving the residence permit. A Filipino national moving to the Netherlands will also need to register for health insurance within four months of the arrival.

residence permit that has been applied for before a work permit is obtained will include the conditions for working on the back of the document.

Apart from the situation in which a Filipino resident comes to the Netherlands in order to open a start-up, there are a number of other situations in which admittance is easier, in all cases provided that the applicant can bring a significant contribution to the Dutch economy. These are:

  • Highly skilled migrants: individuals who are very qualified in a certain field of work and have an employment contract with an employer or a research institution in the country; moreover, the employer must be a recognized sponsor, listed in the Public Register of Recognized Sponsors.
  • Foreign investors: in this case, the application for a temporary residence permit in Netherlands is simplified; the condition is for the investment capital to be of at least 1,250,000 euros and the investment needs to be in a Dutch business.

Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands who specializes in applications from the Philippines can give you detailed information about the conditions under which foreign investors can benefit from this special scheme. We can also provide details about citizenship by investment in Netherlands.

Why immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippine?

Filipino citizens can integrate quite fast in the Netherlands and can enjoy a safe life and explore the work opportunities according to their qualifications and skills. It is well-known that the Netherlands has a low crime rate, a low rate of unemployment and you can choose a healthy and balanced life in the country. Most Filipinos work in the medical system, construction or education and can communicate in English, although, it is good to know that Dutch people appreciate when foreigners learn their language. One should know that staying legally in the Netherlands implies a residence permit which can be obtained after submitting the documents to the IND and meeting all the requirements. After a certain time in the country, foreign nationals who are residents can apply for Dutch citizenship.

If you are from the Philippines and want to immigrate to the Netherlands, you can contact our team of lawyers.