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How to File an Appeal if IND Has Rejected Your Application

How to File an Appeal if IND Has Rejected Your Application

If you have applied for a particular visa to enter the Netherlands and your request has been rejected, you have the right to file an appeal to IND and wait for a positive decision. The authorities can review your application and can guide you to improve the imposed conditions you have not considered at the beginning. This is an important process which is why we recommend asking for assistance from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

In what cases you can file an appeal in the Netherlands

People who want to immigrate to the Netherlands need to apply for a short-stay visa, a provisional or permanent residence permit, search for a recognized sponsor, and later apply for a Dutch citizenship. The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Netherlands) issues the visas, the work and the residence permits for all foreigners who want to visit or to establish in the Netherlands. If the IND considers the conditions are not entirely met and you are not eligible to obtain the needed documents, the authorities can reject your application with no further explanations.

This is a special case where you have the right to appeal the decision, with the proper help from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands who can guide you through the entire process.

Having adequate assistance in case of the rejection of an application for a residence permit in Netherlands is always advisable, however, our team offers complete support throughout all of the application process. With our help, you will be able to gather all the needed documents and submit your application according to the current rules, thus reducing the chance of having it rejected.

What happens when appealing an IND decision?

If you have decided to appeal the IND visa rejection make sure to ask for legal assistance, sponsor or employer who can represent you in such case. To file an appeal, you must explain the disagree related to the decision and attach it to your file, besides the letter from the IND which contains details about your visa application and the response. The IND review on your case usually takes a few days or weeks, while a citizen may or may not wait for the decision on the appeal in the Netherlands. If you consider it is best for you to wait for the decision in the country, the authorities might apply a provisional ruling for you, which comes with a residence endorsement sticker on your valid passport. One should know that the IND will always consider the founded appeals and applications with a strong basis, different from the one made for the first time.

We strongly recommend contacting our team of immigration experts in The Netherlands when appealing an IND decision.