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 Immigrate to Netherlands from Iran

 Immigrate to Netherlands from Iran

In order to immigrate to the Netherlands from Iran, individuals will need to obtain a proper type of visa, oftentimes a long-stay visa or MVV. This is needed in order to lawfully stay in the country for more than 90 days and it will be needed by those individuals who wish to make their move permanent. 

An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands from our team is able to assist Iranian nationals looking towards relocating to Amsterdam or another Dutch city. The country offers multiple advantages, among which a high quality of life, access to top universities with programs in English and good connectivity to the rest of Europe. The Netherlands is a popular destination for expats and many investors are also finding that the incentives here and the general business regime is very attractive – for Iranians looking to start a business, the Netherlands could very well become their country or choice for relocation purposes.

The immigration process is one that starts with entering the country and remaining here based on an adequate visa and then, after a required period of time, commencing the procedure for obtaining residency. Iranians who are looking towards obtaining citizenship when they comply with all of the requirements have the naturalization option.

Moving to the Netherlands and then becoming a citizen is an important decision and you may find it easier to discuss the needed steps with a Dutch immigration lawyer from our team. Below, we present the principal steps needed for an Iranian national to be able to come and stay in the Netherlands on legal terms.

When you wish to move to one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can assist you.

Applying for a long-term stay visa for Iran citizens in the Netherlands

Iranians who are planning on staying in the Netherlands for more than 90 days need to apply for a long-term visa and then a residence permit. The first step is to apply for a visa and this is done at the Dutch embassy in Tehran. A situation in which the Iranian citizen does not apply personally for the residence permit and long-term visa is when this action is performed by an employer, educational institution or family member – for those cases involving family reunification.

As an Iranian applying for a combined residence permit plus long-term stay visa, the options to enter the country are the following:

  • highly skilled migrant: when the applicant is a highly skilled individual and is seeking to become employed in the Netherlands;
  • independent entrepreneur: the arrival to the country is for the purpose of doing business as an independent entrepreneur (self-employed individual) in an activity of interest for the Dutch economy.
  • startup founder: when an Iranian entrepreneur starts a business in the Netherlands; the applicant may need to bring forward proof that the business is relevant; one of our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can help you with additional information about the qualification criteria.
  • education: Iranians who have been accepted at a Dutch university or education institution can enter the country for the purpose of the study.

When applying for the residence permit and visa in person, the applicant needs to submit the issue form, the passport in original and copies thereof, a recent photograph and other documents, as needed. Upon the visit to the embassy or consulate, the applicant will also have his fingerprints recorded.

Once these documents are processed by the embassy or consulate where the application is submitted, they will receive a number of documents as well as an alien registration number or the V number and these will be sent to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Services by post. The application is processed in approximately 90 days and if the application is accepted, the long-term visa or MVV will be placed in the passport within 15 days.

Once these steps are complete, the Iranian national who has obtained the MVV will be able to travel to the Netherlands. Once he/she arrives in the country, a notification from the Immigration and Naturalization Department will provide the details needed to collect the residence permit once this document is also ready.

One can acquire citizenship in the Netherlands after at least 5 years of lawfully living in the country. The application for naturalization is submitted to the municipality in which the applicant resides. In addition to the minimum number of years, the applicant will also need to meet requirements on civic integration and others. Iranian nationals will keep their Iranian nationality when applying for citizenship.

Moving to the Netherlands aided by an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands 

The application for a long-stay visa, the MVV, can be submitted personally at the embassy in Tehran, however, getting in touch with our team of Dutch immigration lawyers can be very useful as one of our specialists will be able to talk you through the entire process, as well as the needed documents. This will mean that your application will stand good changes of being accepted the first time, thus reducing the processing time.

Once you arrive in the country, you can request our special expat services, aimed at helping foreign nationals become accustomed more rapidly with life in the Netherlands. We can help you with housing and utility arrangements as well as finding schools and kindergartens if you are also planning to bring your family.

Contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands for complete information about the services we provide to Iranian immigrants.