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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Bulgaria

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Bulgaria

The Dutch regulations concerning the immigration of citizens from Bulgaria fall under the provisions of the treaties signed between the members of the European Union. Since 2007, when Bulgaria entered the E.U. any Bulgarian national can move to the Netherlands, visit or stay in this country without the requirement of notifying the IND (immigration and naturalization service). If you intend to immigrate to the Netherlands from Bulgaria you may encounter several particularities of the legal system as well as of the social life. In order to get familiarized with the new environment, or if you want to make an investment in the Netherlands you can rely on the information provided by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, who can help you to accommodate in this country.

Regulations for Bulgarians who immigrate to the Netherlands, presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands

Bulgarian who intends to immigrate to the Netherlands will only need a passport or the national identity document in order to travel to this country. If you intend to find work in Holland, you benefit from the same rights with a local person. Since 2014, the employment permit which was mandatory for people from Bulgaria is no longer a requirement of the Dutch authorities. 

An important rule which applies to Bulgarian people who intend to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months is to register their personal details with the municipality. These information are necessary in order to keep the evidence of the population.

Our specialists in immigration in Netherlands can assist you with more information on the work regulations in this country and can help you register your details with the local Personal Records Database (BRP).

Highly skilled migrants from Bulgaria immigrating to Netherlands

The Netherlands is aware of the advantages of receiving highly skilled migrants from Bulgaria. The authorities have facilitated the circulation of eastern Europeans to Holland, by retracting the demand for a work permit. As an immigrant to the Netherlands from Bulgaria you will most likely have to take as well a language course if you want to enhance your chances of employment. There are as well many governmental programs which encourage Dutch employers to hire foreign workers.

When you look for job in the Netherlands you need to be aware that you benefit from the same rights with a Dutch citizen in terms of minimum salary, the number of days of vacations and salary provisions for sick leave or maternity leave.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and rely on the help provided by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who can explain to you the local regulations concerning residence and employment.