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Immigrate to Netherlands from Brazil

Immigrate to Netherlands from Brazil

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands as a Brazilian citizen, it is recommended to apply for a short-stay visa which grants you 90 days of living in the country, within a 6-month time frame and the possibility to extend it and to apply for a Dutch residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can provide you proper information about how to immigrate from Brazil to the Netherlands

Requirements to enter the Netherlands as a Brazilian citizen

Persons who are interested in immigrating to the Netherlands from Brazil have the possibility to apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the home country, to respect the conditions related to the Schengen area countries and to provide the immigration office the needed documents. For a long-stay visa in the Netherlands as a citizen from Brazil you need to prepare the following documents:

•    the valid passport;
•    the identity card;
•    a medical insurance;

When applying for a long-term entry visa in the Netherlands, the Brazilian citizen will apply for a residence permit also, which is a process named Entry and Residence procedure. These important documents will be prepared at the same time, and after your arrival in the Netherlands, you will receive the residence permit, in order to properly live in the country. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands will provide you with consistent and reasonable immigration services including for those who come from Brazil to move in the Netherlands.

Apply for a work permit in the Netherlands as a Brazilian citizen

If you have decided to move to the Netherlands and to work here, you should also apply for a work permit. Most companies take care of such matters when offering a work contract in the Netherlands for a Brazilian citizen or any nationality. The letter of employment, the valid passport with the needed visa and other important documents will be necessary when applying for a Dutch work permit.

In some cases, Brazilian citizens can also apply for citizenship by investment in Netherlands (subject to certain criteria).

Brazilian nationals who were born to a Dutch father can, in some cases, be subject to Netherlands citizenship by descent. Our team can give you more details.

Becoming a Dutch citizen is possible for a Brazilian national once he or she has lived in the country for at least 5 years, lawfully and uninterruptedly (limited-time departures from the country are however permitted). Our team will help you understand the conditions for obtaining Dutch citizenship and will answer any questions about the main eligibility criteria. 

You are invited to contact our team of immigration agents in the Netherlands if you need extra information about the visa to enter the Netherlands as a Brazilian citizen.

If you are a foreign citizen from another country, for example, a US national, you can benefit from a special Dutch American Friendship Treaty that allows investors to remain in the Netherlands to open a business when they make a minimum investment. For most business types, the minimum amount is €4,500, however, this needs to be maintained. Our team can give you more details about the DAFT Treaty.