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Registering with the Municipality in the Netherlands

Registering with the Municipality in the Netherlands

People who intend to stay in the Netherlands for a period longer than 4 months are compelled by the law to register in the population database of the municipality. The institution which receives the registrations is the town hall, where Dutch citizens as well as foreigners must present themselves with their identity documents and information concerning their address in the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can explain to you what steps you need to follow in order to conform to the legal requirements of registering with the municipality.

Why is the municipality registration necessary in Netherlands?

The registration with the municipality in the Netherlands is part of the effort of the authorities to keep a record of the population in this country. This measure ensures efficiency of the public services which operate with personal data. As a consequence of the registration you will receive a citizen service number or BSN based on which any official request that you make from the authorities can take place much faster and with less risks of error. 

The registration with the municipality implies a declaration of the identity of a person as well as a proof of his/her stable situation in this country which is provided through the contract of tenancy. This allows the authorities to maintain order and a safe civic climate. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can explain to you all the details concerning the importance of municipality registration in this country and the necessary steps to perform it.

What are the rules concerning registration with the municipality in Netherlands?

If you immigrate to Netherlands or you need to spend in this country more than four months for education or medical treatment you need to register with the municipality in the first 5 days after your arrival. If you are going to live in a city you are not allowed to register to the town hall of another city or region. 

If a person changes his/her address of residence from one place to another in the Netherlands, then he/she is obliged to register again with the town hall from the area of their new home. The proof of registration that you obtain from the municipality is very useful and important and it is required by other authorities and institutions in order to be able to find labor or perform various activities in the Dutch state. 

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists in immigration who can give you more details on the formalities of registration with the municipality