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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Taiwan

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Taiwan

The Dutch immigration legislation provides that Taiwanese citizens who intend to immigrate to the Netherlands need to apply for a provisional residence permit. This legal document is necessary for a stay in the Netherlands longer than three months. There are several requirements for obtaining this residence permit. Please address our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands for complete information on this matter.   

Provisional residence permit application

The provisional residence permits that the Taiwanese individuals need for a legal stay in the Netherlands matches the long stay-visa (MVV). In order to immigrate to the Netherlands from Taiwan the individuals of this country have to apply for a provisional residence permit. The procedure is the following:

•    Take the civic integration examination in Taiwan – you do this at any Dutch embassy or consulate in Taiwan. After you pass this examination you can apply for a provisional residence permit;
•    Apply for a provisional residence permit – you can do this in person at the Dutch embassy or consulate or through a sponsor (an employer or o a family member already in the Netherlands);
•    Your application is submitted by the sponsor in the Netherlands – the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is the local authority to submit the application with. If the application is accepted, the sponsor will receive a notification;
•    Collect the MVV sticker from the Dutch embassy in Taiwan and get ready to leave for the Netherlands.

Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can help you obtain the provisional residence permit.

Applying for a residence permit in Netherlands is required for Taiwanese nationals who plan on staying in the country for employment or business purposes, as well as for those who have been accepted by a Dutch university for Batchelor’s, Master’s or PhD programmes. If you need personalized guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to our team as soon as you decide to apply for a permit.

Taiwanese citizens working in the Netherlands

Taiwanese immigrants in the Netherlands need to find a job in order to sustain themselves in this country. A work permit is compulsory for legal employment within the Netherlands.  The Dutch immigration legislation stipulates several conditions for granting employment permits from workers from outside the EEA. A first condition is that the Dutch employer cannot find a job candidate from an EEA country. The period of job vacancy has to vary between five weeks and three months and has to be advertised in the media. Only then, an employer applies with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for an employment permit. There are certain groups which don`t need a working permit in the Netherlands.

Please contact our Dutch immigration lawyer for professional assistance in obtaining a working permit in the Netherlands.