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Relocate to the Netherlands from Azerbaijan

Relocate to the Netherlands from Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani citizens who want to relocate to the Netherlands have to consider two aspects: their nationality and the length of their stay. When moving to the Netherlands you have to familiarize yourself with the Dutch immigration legislation. Several types of visas apply to foreign citizens who want to relocate from Azerbaijan to the Netherlands. Our Dutch immigration lawyer can help you prepare the documentation for entering the Netherlands.

Residence permits for Azerbaijani citizens

There are several aspects to take into consideration if you want to relocate from Azerbaijan to the Netherlands. As a member of the EU and Schengen Area, the Dutch immigration legislation prescribes that all Azerbaijani citizens who want to enter the Netherlands must obtain a provisional residence permit (MVV). The application for MVV on behalf of Azerbaijani citizens can be submitted with the Netherlands embassy in Baku. 

There are several steps to take in order to apply for a provisional residence permit for the Netherlands (MVV):

• Take the civic integration and examination abroad – this usually takes 8 weeks and if you pass this examination you must apply for MVV within a year;
• Find a sponsor in the Netherlands to submit your application – if your application for MVV is successful, he or she will receive a notification and collect your MVV sticker at the embassy;
• Submit an application in person – make an appointment to visit a Dutch embassy; they will check the application and send it to the IND service in the Netherlands;
• Collect your MVV sticker from the embassy – the officials at the Dutch embassy will place the sticker in your passport.

After entering the Netherlands, Azerbaijani citizens who want to continue living in this country long-term must apply for a Dutch residence permit. The residence permit is issued by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Sevice (IND) and must be collected in the Netherlands. 

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands from Azerbaijanour immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you with legal assistance in obtaining a provisional residence permit and a Dutch residence permit.

Azerbaijani citizens working in the Netherlands

If you want to relocate from Azerbaijan to the Netherlands, you will need a job to sustain yourself in this country. All Azerbaijani citizens who want to work in the Netherlands need a work permit. Only the employer can apply for a work permit, you cannot do it on your own. Self-employed persons or freelancers don`t need a work permit in the Netherlands

For detailed information about the conditions you need to satisfy and the documents you need if you want to work in the Netherlands, please contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

We assist all foreign nationals interested in applying for a residence permit in Netherlands. The requirement to obtain an MVV permit will depend on the applicant’s nationality. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with one of our specialists before you apply, so that you can understand the full requirements if you are entering the Netherlands from a non-EU country.