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Visa Applications and Decision Periods in Netherlands

Visa Applications and Decision Periods in Netherlands

Numerous people worldwide choose to immigrate to the Netherlands for a better living and a suitable education. The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services) is in charge of visas and residence permits for citizens who want to establish in the Netherlands. The visa applications need a particular time to be issued by the IND and it is recommended to prepare the proper documents with the help of our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands. Our team can help you apply for any type of visa, including the highly-skilled migrant visa.

Decision period for Dutch visa applications

According to the immigration rules in the Netherlands, one should know that the Dutch short-stay visa is ready in 15 maximum days. As for the temporary residence permit in the Netherlands and the needed visa, we mention that the IND will issue the documents in a period of 90 days. The same period is available for changing or extending a residence permit in the Netherlands. People who want to change their immigrant status are obliged to announce the IND, which will issue the new residence permit and visa also in 90 days. Our Dutch immigration lawyer will guide you through the entire visa process and will communicate the decision periods according to your requirements regarding the entry in the Netherlands.

Decision periods for other types of documents in the Netherlands

Non-EU citizens interested in immigrating in the Netherlands have the possibility to apply for numerous types of visas and permits, but considering the decision periods established by the immigration authorities in charge. We remind that the statutory decision period for residence permitspermanent asylum residence permit, and the available extensions will be issued in 6 months. The naturalization process in the Netherlands is extremely important and the entire process needs a longer period of time, without exceeding one year.

As for the residence permits for Swiss and EU (European Union) citizens, the decision period will not surpass eight weeks. The IND reserves the right to extend the decision period, if certain research needs to be made, and will notify in advance the person who made the application for a visa or for a residence permit. Our team can help you obtain a residence permit or any other type of visa, for example the highly-skilled migrant visa.

For information on the usual processing times for a residence permit in Netherlands, you can talk about your case with our immigration experts. We can guide you throughout the application process and will also give you details on the expected processing times and the situation in which this decision period can be extended (including your available options in case of an application rejection).

Additional information about the visa applications and decision periods can be received if you contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.