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Apply for Asylum in the Netherlands

Apply for Asylum in the Netherlands

Individuals who consider their countries cannot provide them safety anymore or are persecuted can apply for asylum in the Netherlands. No matter the nationality, the refugees are welcomed here, where they will receive help, in order to properly integrate into the society. There are certain conditions to consider when applying for asylum in the Netherlands, therefore, suitable help can be provided by our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands. Exactly as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants can offer help and guidance for all persons in need of asylum.

Conditions to obtain asylum in the Netherlands

Torture, brutal treatments, opposite political beliefs, religion or persecution are the main reasons why people search for asylum in countries where freedom is a guaranteed right, no matter the race or culture. A person can receive asylum in the Netherlands after a suitable investigation made by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Netherlands). The application needs to be done as soon as he/she arrives in the Netherlands. Certain conditions need to be considered and documents to be provided, and here we mention the following:

•    the identification documents need to be presented;
•    fingerprints will be taken;
•    the application form offered by the Dutchimmigration officer needs to be filled and signed;
•    medical examination will be made;

In about six days, which is a period known as the “rest and the preparation period”, the applicant will receive the response from the Dutch authorities. In this time, the refugee will have accommodation at the reception center. The entire procedure regarding the asylum request and about the immigration in the Netherlands can be explained by our representatives, in the same manner as a Dutch immigration lawyer would do.

What happens if the asylum is granted in the Netherlands?

If your case has been properly analyzed and you obtained the asylum in the Netherlands, the authorities will offer further assistance in the following matters:

•    you will receive a place to stay;
•    you will receive a temporary asylum residence permit;
•    you can make preparations for the family members you want to call in the Netherlands;
•    you will receive assistance when searching for work;
•    you will be registered with the BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database) in the city you live in;
•    you will receive civil integration courses, where the Dutch language needs to be learned.

If you want to apply for asylum in the Netherlands, you are invited to contact our team of immigration experts in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in other matters, such as obtaining residency in Netherlands for employment or business purposes, our team will also answer these questions. We will provide you with genera and personalized residence permit application guidelines and can also assist you once you have obtained the permit and are in the country, ready to register with the local population register.