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Procedure for Leaving the Netherlands Voluntarily

Procedure for Leaving the Netherlands Voluntarily

Whenimmigrants to the Netherlands do not meet the requirements of the authorities in order to remain within the borders of the state, they can voluntarily leave to their home country. The main body which helps immigrants to return is the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V). The voluntary return procedure implies the collaboration between the authorities and the people who entered the national space of the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can explain to you the regulations concerning the voluntary departure from the Netherlands

What cases of immigration result in voluntary departures from the Netherlands?

When immigration to Netherlands has been an illegal one, in absence of an application for residence permit, or in absence of any means of identity identification by the police, the person in question is asked to leave the country. In case of refusal or delay, the person will be deported

Asyslum seekers whose application has been rejected will have 28 days to leave Netherlands voluntarily or, in the eventuality in which the person implies risks to the national security, he/she may be asked to return immediately to their home country.

Our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands can give you more details concerning the conditions and the steps implied by the voluntary departure from this country.

More information on the voluntary departure from the Netherlands

An important scheme deployed by the institutions which coordinate the voluntary returns from Netherlands is the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme. In compliance with the Dutch Immigration Law, through this scheme, the migrants are assisted both before their departure from the Netherlands, through the deregistration process, and after the return in their country of origin.

In the eventuality in which the home country refuses to issue a travel document for the person in question, the State Secretary from the Netherlands might be able to allow the immigrant to remain in the Netherlands until the problem is solved. 

Feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlandswhocan guide you through a voluntary departure procedure.