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Dutch Labour Immigrants

Dutch Labour Immigrants

The Dutch preoccupation for the immigration issues has been felt in the reduction of the unemployment in the last year. The workforce in the Netherlands is one of the most motivated in the world, thanks to the efficient governmental measures and the development of the economy. Dutch labor immigrants should make sure they comply with the requirements of the authorities in order to be able to work legally in this country. Our immigration lawyer in Neherlands can offer you all details on the obtaining of a work permit in this state.

Job market in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have accommodated along the years over 100.000 immigrants who have integrated in the socio-economical structure of this country. The Dutch state wellcomes the highly skilled labor immigrants, who have greater chances to find a work place faster. 

The minimal wage in the Netherlands also registered a growth of 0.94% in 2017, which makes the job market in this country even more attractive for Dutch labor immigrants. Collective work agreements signed in specific sectors of the economy have also conducted to a raise of the minimal wage in those business areas. Our consultants can explain to you the criteria that a labor immigrant should meet in order to be able to work in the Netherlands. 

Requirements for Dutch labor immigrants

If you intend to immigrate to Netherlands and increase your chances to work in this country, you should be prepared to learn a few aspects concerning the Dutch culture and legal system. The Dutch government requires work permits in order to allow immigrants to be employed in this country. Depending on your reasons for which you have come in the Netherlands you should apply for a specific work authorization (TWV). Whether you are a highly skilled migrant the requirements might be different from a foreign graduate who decides to work in this country. 

Feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands, who can help you prepare your application for a work permit in the Netherlands.