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Immigrate to the Netherlands from Colombia

Immigrate to the Netherlands from Colombia

Colombian citizens who want to immigrate to the Netherlands have free access to enter the country, since February 2016, using only the valid passport. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can offer comprehensive information and assistance for citizens of Colombia who want to settle in the country and need a residence or work permit. No matter the type of nationality you might have, you may solicit our guidance in visa applications to enter the Netherlands.

Free entrance in the Netherlands for Colombian citizens

Citizens from Colombia can travel to 103 countries without applying for a visa, transforming the Colombian passport into an important document. Any Colombian individual who entered the Netherlands has the legal right to stay for 90 days in the country and for 180 days if the travels in the Schengen area. If you wish to prolong your stay for different reasons like working or studying, it is mandatory to apply for a Dutch residence permit, which has a validity of five years.

Dutch residence permits for Colombian citizens

The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) is in charge of issuing the residence and the work permits in the Netherlands. A Colombian citizen can apply for a residence permit if he provides the immigration office the valid passport and the domestic identification card, besides details about the home address in the Netherlands. The process of obtaining the Dutch residence permit takes a few days, and before applying for such an important document it is advisable to solicit help and guidance from our  Dutch immigration lawyer.

Different entry requirements apply to foreign nationals according to their country of origin. If you are not a Colombian national but are relocating to the Netherlands from another country, our team will answer your questions depending on the purpose of your prolonged stay and situation (traveling with family members or alone). Reach out to us for details on residency in the Netherlands.

Work permits for Colombian citizens in the Netherlands

According to the rules and legislation in the Netherlands, citizens from outside the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) need to obtain a work permit to legally start their activities. This also applies for Colombian individuals who want to apply for jobs in the Netherlands. The single permit, the highly-qualified migrant permit, the entrepreneur permit and the orientation year permits for Colombians who graduate a college in their countries or in the Netherlands are the most important types of work permits in the country. These documents can be obtained if a sponsorship certificate is provided to the IND, besides other important papers. The work and residence permits can be issued within 5 weeks.

Complete information about the immigration in the Netherlands for Colombian citizens can be obtained if you contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.