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How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai

How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai

People who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai should apply for a visa according to their prolonged stay. The application is submitted with the Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General in Dubai. While a short-term 90-days visa is available for foreign nationals from the United Arab Emirates, most individuals willing to move to the Netherlands will be looking for long-term visas or permits, hence the need to apply for a particular purpose of stay. 

Our Netherlands immigration specialists can offer suitable information and guidance for all individuals who wish to settle in this country.

What types of long-stay visas are available to Dubai citizens?

Dubai or UAE citizens who are willing to immigrate to the Netherlands can apply for one of the following types of visas:

  1. Work: grants the holder the right to work in the Netherlands; it is subject to an existing employment agreement. 
  2. Highly skilled migrant: Dubai nationals who can transfer within a company or who are hired by a Dutch company for a highly skilled position.
  3. Investment: for Dubai investors who are able to make a minimum investment and one that complies with the requirements for job creation and business innovation; we can give you more details about the Netherlands startup visa;
  4. Study: for UAE nationals who wish to continue their studies in the Netherlands or who undergo a training or teaching program at a Dutch University. 
  5. Family reunification: available for spouses of Dutch citizens or individuals who already have a residence permit in Netherlands, as well as other family members.

It is recommended to formerly talk to one of our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands who can help you with the preparation of the documents for the various types of visas. Please remember that each visa type is required to have adequate supporting documentation that will depend on the purpose of the stay. For example, work visas are to be accompanied by all of the relevant documents proving employment. In this case, the Dutch employer is also required to handle part of the applications and the submissions necessary for registering the foreign employee and they need to comply with the employment law regulations in force. One of our lawyers can provide interested employees with detailed information about the conditions under which they can work in the country, the requirements that apply to them as well as the requirements that apply expressly to the employers. 

Are you arriving in the Netherlands not from the UAE but from another non-EU country? Our team will give you details about the visa requirements or the application steps for obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands, should you wish to remain in the country for employment, business, or study purposes. Reach out to us as soon as you decide to relocate to the Netherlands.

What are the conditions to enter the Netherlands from Dubai?

Any individual who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai must apply for a visa at the Dutch consulate. There are specific documents to prepare and conditions to meet when applying for a visa to enter the Netherlands.  Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will help you prepare the necessary documentation and will provide you with essential information before you immigrate from Dubai to the Netherlands. Consider the following papers when applying for a short-stay visa to enter the Netherlands from Dubai:

•    you must fill the application form and prepare 2 photos;
•    you need to have a valid passport;
•    you must provide valid insurance, available for the entire stay in the Netherlands;
•    you need to show the return tickets;
•    you must show a cover letter which stipulates the reasons for your visit to the Netherlands.

Our agents can provide detailed information about the required documents after an initial assessment of your application and purpose of stay. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. 

After having lived in the Netherlands uninterruptedly for five years, foreign nationals from Dubai can apply for Dutch citizenship through naturalization. In order to do this, they must have a valid residence permit in Netherlands and be sufficiently integrated (prove that they can read, speak and understand the Dutch language). Integration is shown with the civic integration diploma. Our team of Dutch immigration lawyers can provide interested individuals with more details about this. 

When applying for naturalization after having lived in the Netherlands, individuals from Dubai must show that in the five years prior to the application date they have not been convicted or sentenced to a conditional discharge in the Netherlands or abroad. Dubai nationals who wish to apply for Dutch nationality under the naturalization procedure should be well aware of the fact that once they go through with this step they will automatically lose their UAE nationality. Our team can give you complete details if you are interested in obtaining Netherlands citizenship.

Once a Dubai national has obtained Dutch citizenship, he or she will be registered with the Municipal Personal Records Database of the Netherlands (BRP) and can apply for a Dutch identity card with the municipality in the area of residence as well as apply for a Dutch passport. Another advantage for UAE nationals is that they become EU citizens and will enjoy the same rights as Dutch citizens. Moreover, once naturalized, they can be appointed in certain public functions that are only open to Dutch citizens.

Dubai citizens who have family ties in the country may be eligible for Netherlands citizenship by descent, in some cases.

What are the general costs associated with obtaining a Dutch visa?

The costs for a Dutch visa vary according to its type and whether or not it is an initial application or an extension of the existing visa. We list some of these costs below:

  • – 285€: the costs for a work visa for intra-corporate transfers; the same cost applies for the first application as well as the extension; it is also the cost for a highly-skilled migrant visa.
  • – 171€: the costs for an applicant who is looking for a job after completing the studies in the country, or after a scientific research program; the same cost applies for a study visa.
  • – 1,348€: this is the cost for a work visa as a self-employed individual; the extension costs for this visa are 361 euros. 
  • – 2,173€: this is the cost for a foreign investor visa; the extension cost for this purpose is 1,087 euros. 
  • – 326€: the costs for a startup visa for the first application; when the applicant changes the purpose of stay (to self-employed after startup), the costs are different.
  • – 881€: the costs for naturalization, for one individual; for naturalization with a partner the cost is 1,124 euros.

Please keep in mind that these costs are subject to change and you should always verify the status of the visa fees. Our Dutch immigration lawyers can provide updated information on the fees and costs imposed by the Dutch Government for various types of permits and visas.

What are the main reasons to immigrate from Dubai to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most populated countries in Europe that have opened doors to all citizens who want to work, study or live here. According to statistics, the Netherlands has a low crime rate, excellent social welfare systems, fruitful economy and proper conditions for living. People from UAE and especially from Dubai choose to change their lifestyle and to achieve new professional objectives in a country that provides suitable conditions to foreigners worldwide. The Netherlands has a great health system and as an interesting fact, there are more bikes than citizens. Although is a small country, the Netherlands offers many business opportunities and changes to professionally develop.

If you are interested in Netherlands immigration from Dubai, you are invited to contact our team of immigration consultants in the country for additional details and guidance.

We also assist UAE investors looking to apply for the investor visa Netherlands.