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How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Belgium

How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Belgium

According to the Dutch immigration lawBelgium citizens who relocate to the Netherlands have to register with a municipality in order to stay legally in the country. Two kinds of registration are available when moving to the Netherlands, depending on the length of your stay: temporary residence (less than 4 months stay) and permanent residence (more than 4 months stay). You can rely on the experience of our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who explain to you the requirements for registering with a municipality.

Registering with a Dutch municipality as a resident

Within no more than five days after arriving in the Netherlands you have to undergo the registration procedure with a Dutch municipality. This procedure is free of charge and requires several documents to be submitted to the city hall. These are the following:

•    A valid identification card or passport;
•    Proof of your accommodation in the Netherlands – a tenancy agreement or a rental contract; or
•    A written declaration from the Dutch citizen you live in with, if applicable; or
•    A sales contract of a Dutch property – if you buy a house in the Netherlands;
•   Any other important Belgium documents – marriage certificates, birth certificates or other children`s documents if you intend to bring them with you.

Note that prior to relocating to the Netherlands from Belgium a translation and notarization of these documents is necessary.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you prepare all the documents needed for registering with the local municipality.

Belgium citizens working in the Netherlands

Belgium citizens can work without restrictions in all sectors of the Dutch economy. In order to work in the Netherlands you need to take care of several aspects. First of all, you have to obtain a citizen service number (BSN). This is granted to you alongside the registration procedure with a Dutch municipality. Certain employers may require this number when hiring you. Another thing to consider is to open a Dutch bank account where the employer can pay your salary.

If you pursued a degree program or training course in Belgium, you have to provide your employer with the relevant diplomas. Please note that your Belgium diplomas are not automatically valid in the Netherlands. You will have to apply for a diploma recognition procedure before finding a job in the Netherlands. Research the employment conditions in the Netherlands before starting to work. There are several basic employment conditions to be met by any Dutch employer.

Belgian citizens who are considering moving to the Netherlands are invited to contact our experts in immigration matters in the Netherlands.